Helpful To-do List Tips From Upwork

What is more stressful than knowing you have a large list of things to complete and not knowing how to effectively tackle it? There aren’t many things I can think of. The stress of your boss or your spouse adding more to your list could seem unbearable. Here are a few tips I found on Upwork that will help complete your list more efficiently, faster and most importantly, with less stress.

First you should break your very large tasks into smaller tasks. This is referred to as “Zooming Out”. This gives you smaller tasks within the larger task to complete that will make the task seem less stressful. If you have a list of smaller tasks and you are continually crossing them off, psychologically that builds a boost in momentum for you. By doing this, you will soon see that by breaking up a large task into smaller ones will help you meet your deadlines more often.

Doing tasks in batches is a very effective method. If you have multiple phone calls to make, try to do them one after another. By doing this you will see that you have built up momentum and you will complete them much faster than trying to stop between them to work on another task and then trying to go back. Try making a list of similar tasks that you can lump together and free up more time and get more work completed.

Take note of energy levels needed to complete certain tasks. This is important because if you have higher taxing tasks, you tackle them when you have more energy. This will boost your productivity and enable you to get more done. Tasks that require less energy can be done later in the when you have depleted more energy and can get through the other tasks with much less effort.

These are what seem like simple tips are so effective and can be used daily to help you succeed. I have begun using these tips in my daily life and I am more than happy with the results they have brought about.