Here’s Rocketship Education Where Parents Interview Teachers

10 lessons learned from Rocketship education

  1. Build strong relationships right from home to school

Personalized learning relationships are encouraged for every Rocketeer with their families. By conducting frequent home visits, the school gets to understand special needs and interests of every child deeply.

  1. Investing more energy to increase demand

Rocketship education focuses on transforming the public education system making it feel like private and build a parallel upgraded system.

  1. Parents’ power

At Rocketship schools, parents are engaged to interview teachers to ensure quality education is sustained, demand for political attention and accountability from leaders. Parents are the core drivers of high-quality public education.

  1. Teacher Diversity

Although Rocketship schools welcome students from all walks of life, teacher diversity is highly encouraged to meet the demands of students with color. The students need not leave their communities to access great schools.

  1. Confronting inequality

Rocketship schools uncover the hypocrisy that people believe in inequality but take their kids to different schools.

  1. Celebrates all kids

The schools have a meaningful inclusion model where disabled students spend most of their time in general education classes. They help all students develop and unleash their full potential.

  1. Dynamic learning

Rocketship education rolled out a continuous learning program with weekly set objectives and feedback. Although it succeeded in a few schools, it is still the basis of their work.

  1. Clear mindset

Rocketship’s hiring strategy evaluates the teachers’ mindset. The teachers have to learn continuously, master their job and provide constant feedback on how to improve.

  1. Building partnerships

Strong partnerships with various stakeholders bring collective success.


10. Free Private school

Rocketship education boasts about making the kids feel like they are in a private free school through its advanced education.


Rocketship education, a group of 13 schools, is a public non-profit network targeting the minority communities and its headquarters is in Redwood City, California. Founded in 2006, Rocketship education through its CEO, Preston Smith, has made news headlines through an individualized and blended-learning style. The schools invite parents to job interviews to get to know who will be working with their kids.

Rocketship public schools believe in unleashing the full potential of every Rocketeer. Through parent engagements, propelling student excellence and exceptional teachers, Rocketship schools contribute to national development through equity in public education.