Honey Birdette Sizzles in Massive UK Expansion Strategy

It’s always wonderful news when a company that started as a small business starts to see growth. It’s even better news when that company starts to see international growth. It’s absolutely incredible when that company is as genuine as Honey Birdette and is a company that truly came as a result of one woman’s dream.

Entrpreneur Eloise Monaghan opened the glossy black doors to the first Honey Birdette sensuality boutique in 2006. This store was her baby and she put the amount of time and attention into every detail of that first boutique that brought it to the national attention it has earned today. From the luxe décor, to her well trained team of Honeys that entertain and assist guests with a level of personal service the boutique has become known for, shopping there is an unforgettable experience. The memory of the experience is perhaps just as valuable and exciting as what customers leave with in their bags.

Today, that one boutique that was Eloise’s baby has had babies of its own – and 55 Honey Birdette locations now dot Australia’s map. Each boutique still contains the flavor of the original location.

So it is wonderful to see that not only have the first three boutiques opened outside of Australia (in the UK) done so well, but that an additional 30+ boutiques are in the process of opening, bringing the total to 40 locations in the United Kingdom. This rollout is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2018.

The first 10 locations have been announced and are in the pre-construction phase of development. The known locations include Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool. After the success in the United Kingdom, Honey Birdette is also seeking out additional locations throughout Europe that may draw in its clientele.

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