Igor Cornelsen: A Brilliant Investor Success Story

When it comes to successful investing, Igor Cornelsen’s story is a journey that demonstrates insight, wisdom, and professional experience. Brazilian by birth, Igor Cornelsen is a highly successful investment banker and a trustworthy investing and financial advisor. He also doubles as a consultant, providing advice to bankers and investors from his successful banking and investment career proficiency. He helps them make the right long-term smart investments in a predominantly unstable stock market.

He is among Brazil’s most successful bankers and was in charge of leading and managing some of the largest banking organizations worldwide. As a banker, he helped manage a massive percentage of the country’s gross economy. While some may consider investing as a very risky business, Igor Cornelsen considers investment a hobby that he developed during his banking days.

Because of his invaluable experience working in both the banking and investment fields and knowledge of the financial industry, Igor guides his clients – individuals, groups, and institutions – with reliable advice to help them lessen the risks that come with intelligent investing decisions and those inherent in the stock market. He continues to help investors make profits, both in short and long-term investments. From time to time, he also urges investors to focus on damaged stocks.

Career Advancements

Cornelsen started his career as a banker in Brazil where he worked with various leading major banks in the country before retiring in 2010. In the course of his career in the banking industry, he held several high-ranking positions.

Currently, Igor Cornelsen is working as the proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc. since 2011. The firm is based in the Bahamas. Here, Igor focuses on entrepreneur skills and offering investment expertise. As an investment expert, he concentrates on discovering creative strategies of using stock markets to create future success. He also spends a lot his time in South Florida where he focuses on investing as a hobby.