James Dondero: Brings Back Hippos to the Dallas Zoo

James Dondero has once again gifted the Hippo lovers with a gift nationwide. After a whole year of construction and anticipation, the new Zoo is ready to unveil its 2.1-acre Hippos Post. The new modern habitat is a naturalistic and immersive waterhole habitat featuring great underwater viewing. The display window is exactly 24 by 8 foot, allowing viewers enjoy their scene.


According to the Dallas CEO and President of the new Simmons Hippos Post, Mr. Greg Hudson, reiterates the peoples’ desire to have the hippos back. The happy hippo’s project is proof that the Dallas Zoo is committed to giving value to the residents in Dallas. Mike Rawlings, the Dallas mayor, attributes the success of the project to some work of various philanthropists dedicated towards wildlife and environmental protection.


Some of these donors include the Highland Capital Management Lp. The firm was founded by James Dondero who also couples up as its owner. The company placed a whopping $1 million towards this project. The amount donated was used to build a 4485 square foot space that will be utilized for educational and private exhibitions. And this is not the only kind act that Mr. Dondero has performed. In the past, he has teamed up with Linda Owen, the CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation to give direction and strategic management to his various philanthropic projects. He believes that it is time his group had more say on how his funds are used. Such was the main reason why he sought help from Ms. Linda.


Every year, James Dondero organization gives over $3 million to various charitable organizations in the world. One may think that the organization is just concerned about issuing cash to various groups, well, such a notion is wrong. Mr. Dondero together with various skilled and experienced executives at the Highlands group have continued to mentor young leaders and upcoming organizations.


Mr. Dondero has shown a level of openness and trust to his employees. These workers are at liberty to join and sit in various non-profit making organizations boards. According to him, his organization is ready to help anyone who wants to preserve the environmental situation at Dallas.

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