Know More About National Steel Car President and CEO; Gregory Aziz

There are many railroad freight car engineers in North America. Most of these companies work hard to be the best in the industry. National Steel Car is one of the engineering companies that have remained competitive for a long time. The company has over 100 years of experience in the freight car manufacturing business. The company is headed by Gregory James Aziz who purchased the company in 1994 from Dofasco. The company was not doing well, and he wanted to make it the best in the railroad manufacturing industry.




Gregory Aziz is a great manager and economist who attended the University of Western Ontario. After higher education, James Aziz started his career at his family’s food business by the name Affiliated Foods. The business specialized in importation and distribution of fresh foods. He ensured the company became a top player in the importation of fresh foods from Europe and South America. As an ambitious entrepreneur, James Aziz diversified his investment. He invested heavily in banking opportunities in New York. Gregory J. Aziz researched and realized he could invest some of his capital in one of the leading railroad car manufacturing company.




 James Aziz selected National Steel Car and acquired the company in 1994. He had a clear plan of how to make the railroad car manufacturing company great. He hired experienced engineers from different parts of the world and acquired new technologies that made operations in the company easy. On top of that, he employed more skilled residents to assist the company in regaining its glory. With that and many other strategies from James Aziz, by 1999 the engineering company increased its manufacturing capacity annually to 12000 cars from 3500. In 2008, the company got certification making it the only ISO certified railroad car manufacturing company in North America. Visit This Page for related information.



National Steel Car has made significant progress under the leadership of Greg Aziz. The company has come up with advanced freight cars. The company is contracted by many chemical companies to provide tank cars of high quality. For that reason, the company has received many awards such as the TTX SECO award, given to the engineering companies that manufacture rail cars of high quality every year. National Steel Car has won the award since 1996. Besides his role at National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz sponsors many charity activities in Hamilton.