Larkin and Lacey Continue The Fight Against Joe Arpaio

With the recent pardon of Joe Arpaio, it may be worth revisiting the decades-long controversy surrounding the county sheriff and his feud with Lacey and Larkin.

A recent article gives a scathing recap of the sheriff’s slights against human rights as well as the law. Whether it’s Arpaio’s infamous Tent City, his orders to restrain mothers giving birth to their beds, or the numerous prisoners who have died within cells managed by him, not to mention his efforts to sabotage his enemies in politics and journalism; there’s no shortage of controversy when it comes to Joe Arpaio.

The Lacey and Larkin Incident

One of the sheriff’s most egregious actions was his long battle with two journalists; Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin. In a massive violation of the first amendment, the sheriff had arrested Lacey and Larkin in response to a story which they had published.

News of the arrest spread like wildfire, causing shock and outrage throughout the nation, and making countless headlines. The Maricopa County attorney shortly thereafter held a press conference, announcing that the arrests were found to be in error, before releasing the two journalists.

After this arrest, Lacey and Larkin began a long and hard legal battle, finally winning the case five years later, and being paid almost four million dollars by Maricopa County as a settlement for wrongful arrest.

The two men used this settlement, not for their own personal use, but rather to create a non-profit fund, known as the Frontera Fund, in order to represent and uphold migrant and immigrant rights.

However, the public outcry against Arpaio didn’t come to a head until November of 2016, when he failed to secure his seventh term as county sheriff. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Then, in July of the next year, he had been charged by a judge with criminal contempt of court, stemming from a previous lawsuit. This was followed shortly thereafter by the president issuing a full legal pardon to Arpaio, and keeping him out of prison.

Lacey and Larkin Continue Their Campaign to Bring Down Arpaio

Michael Lacey had a few things to say regarding his and Lacey’s long-standing feud with Sheriff Arpaio, noting that he often wonders whether the Sheriff had, in a manner of speaking, sensed the imminent end of their career, and prepared a strategy to minimize damage to themselves. This theory is backed up quite well by his endorsement of Trump in early 2016, gaining early favor with the current president.

Mr. Lacey then goes on to say that he believes that Trump had granted Arpaio a pardon primarily as an effort to appeal to his own supporters, who often supported the controversial policies of the former Sheriff.

While Arpaio failed to secure a seventh term, he did secure a presidential pardon from Donald Trump. Lacey then notes that, while he holds nothing but disdain for Arpaio, he does, at the very least, respect their political acumen.

What the future holds for sheriff Arpaio is uncertain. However, there is one thing that he can be sure of; Lacey and Larkin will not rest until he has answered for his transgressions.