Major improvements on the Samsung S9

Newswatch TV is one of the most trusted sources for breaking news, Tech and consumer reviews, entertainment, and celebrity interviews. This television show has become one of the most go to shows for the latest information and news going on in the world and media.

This award-winning show that’s broadcasted on AMC and ion Television with rebroadcasts on YouTube have become a daily staple in breaking news. One of the most popular segments are their technology reviews. One of the most recent ones is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 gives its users a new and improved fingerprint scanner, with more ease than in the past. Before, if you were trying to unlock the phone, it was next to the camera causing some annoyances with accidentally locking the phone or not being able to unlock the phone because of finger oils. Now, its underneath the camera, to give it a better convenience for the user.

It has also changed the cameras focus and quality by suppling an automatic aperture, that give low-light situations a switch to a f15 so that the brightness is increased. It also gives the user a beautiful portrait mode. Not only is the picture quality upgraded but the speaker functions on a surround sound technology that is crystal clear.

Some negatives are that the glass back is prone to finger print marks that can be annoying in appearance. The emojis might also be a little creepy compared to other phones. Overall the S9 has made major improvements that rival the new iPhone features.