Michael Zomber the Great and Strong-Willed Antique Collector


Antique is an old collectible item. It is referred to as a collectible because of its, ancient, it scarce, and it has a personal emotional connection and it is beautiful, or a great leader owned it in the past. These are some of the qualities that make an antique collectible expensive regarding its value. Antiques represent a particular human era. For an item to be referred to as an antique, it has been over 100 years of age. Most of the antique collectibles are found in museums. Only a few people can afford to own collectibles because they are expensive or at the antique collectible store.


He contributed to the creation of the series Tales of the Gun, which was aired on the History Channel. The series was made up of a couple of episodes, which includes; Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Automatic Pistols, Shotguns, and Million Dollar guns. He provided his antiques to ensure that the documentary was complete, and they had everything they needed. The show was a major success. Michael Zomber is a known specialist of armor and weapons of the Japan Samurai.


Michael has a deep love for history; he utilizes his writing skills to write screenplays and novels. Currently, Michael has four published novels. Two of his novels; Sweet Betsy and son of Kentucky are based on Civil War times. James also wrote a novel based on an examination of the world art auction; Park Avenue and Finally a brief history of Christianity in Japan in a novel that was titled Jesus and the Samurai.


Michael Zomber holds a bachelor degree in English Literature and Psychology; he also received a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA. Currently, as his Facebook indicates Michael Zomber lives with his wife in MD along the Chesapeake Bay. Although he deals with guns and armor antiques, Michael supports organizations that promote peace like UNICEF, Amnesty, Doctors without Borders and Global Exchange. Michael’s career as a weapon antique collector has been a success, and he is still a happy antique collector.


Antique collectibles are in different forms; some are ornaments. Ornaments are the most expensive antique collectibles. There are glassware antiques, silverware, furniture, silver among others. People can buy these antiques from online stores or physical antique stores.

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