Neurologist Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta Has Great News for MS Patients

Thanks to new clinical trial results we might be able to bring about uninterrupted remission of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system in the human body.


After five years of treatment during the clinical trial 69% of the contributors to the study made it through the treatments without the disease progressing further or relapse of the symptoms caused by MS. The treatment they went under is called high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant, or go by HDIT/HCT. The exciting news is after the HDIT/HCT treatment they didn’t have to continue taking MS prescription medications.


They are hoping that with the new treatment of HDIT/HCT and its high success rate, they will see more success with MS patients than ever before. They might even be able to get off of highly priced MS medications that aren’t as effective as the HDIT/HCT treatment.


This treatment is hopefully a way to heal the immune system, remove damaged cells and stop the symptoms which accompany MS patients. The symptoms can vary from patient to patient but generally they experience a difficulty speaking, chronic wide spread pain throughout the body, weakness, fatigue and more. If you’re located in New Jersey, Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a specialist in neurology and is well versed on the above findings. For years MS patients have been suffering with their disease believing they might be on unsuccessful medication for the rest of their lives but clinical tests will hopefully change that outlook and make the future a more positive one.


In Voorhees, New Jersey Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta practices Psychiatry and Neurology. With 38 years experience he is well aware of the new finding in the medical community and has more information about this amazing finding. Shiva Gopal Vasishta, MD is enrolled for Medicare and can be seen at 2301 Evesham Road, Pavilion 800 Suite 209, Voorhees, New Jersey or you can call him at (856) 651-0060. NPI Number: 1023177102.


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