Omar Yunes Enriches Franchisee Operations

On 5 December, Omar Yunes was given the world’s best franchise title in a Florence-organized event. Omar Yunes received the prize to demonstrate his contributions in the enhancement of the model he represents. Omar Yunes commenced his franchise operations when he was only twenty-one-years-old at a Japanese-branded food chain. Since then, Mr. Yunes has worked his way up to carrying out his activities in his thirteen established franchised segments. Omar Yunes is significantly diversified and as such; has located his units in several areas including in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla.

Omar Yunes’ managerial skills impress his 400 workers who facilitate the activities of the franchised units. During the Italy-based event, Omar Yunes stated that his award was not only his but also belonged to the employees who work for his units. The Best Franchisee of the World, BFW, was composed by various country-representatives who got to evaluate Omar Yunes’ exceptional attribute in the management of franchise businesses.

Besides the recognition as the most influential personality in the franchise sector, Omar Yunes’ acts directed towards strengthening franchise-franchisee relationships were appreciated. Some of the aspects that Omar put into consideration in the transformation of franchise business include attaining an improved information management. Additionally, Omar Yunes utilizes control boards whose task is to speculate units’ measurements thus providing precise information. In Benjamin Cancelmo’s opinion, the BFW prize indicated the organization’s success in the providence of excellent services to clients as well as outstanding hospitality.

The Sushi Itto-franchisee comprehends the relevance of the BFW competition. Among the contests’ objectives are to implement a continuous strategy in the enrichment of franchise activities, and to rewards innovations and quality leadership. Omar Yunes’ trajectory recognition indicated his creative mind in professionalizing franchisee’s role. Additionally, Omar Yunes placed Mexico in the top category of countries dedicated towards franchisee improvements. BFW’s disguised aim is to support the promotion of a variety of commerce concepts involved in the diffusion of franchisee operations. The realization of these dreams will not only be facilitated by Omar Yunes but also by other winners of the event including Armando Acosta and Marin Sanchez.