OSI Industries Expands Its Reach Into Spain

OSI Industries is a company that has many locations worldwide. To increase its production of chicken products, Spain’s OSI Food Solutions included a high-quality product line.

In 2017 the plant in Toledo, Spain finished its enhancement costing 17 million euros. The plant had a yearly accommodation of about 12,000 tons of chicken production products before they added the new line. The production capacity has doubled since the improvements were made.

The increased chicken production also contributes to a greater comprehensive output. The Spain plant has an extra workspace of 22,600 square feet. There is new supply storage space at the new facility. There are areas designed for oil, hot water, and nitrogen tanks. There is an employee area where employees can relax.

OSI Industries Spain has added a Product Development Manager position, as part of their initiative. They created a new kitchen for testing, especially for improving and developing products.

It is estimated by an Executive from OSI Industries Food Solutions, that the capacity of the company production will be 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken yearly. The new extension will boost the local economy by adding a total of 20 jobs. There were 140 employees before the new addition of the productions high-capacity line. A product development managerial position is included in the 20 new jobs that were created. The new Managerial Product Development Manager will be at the helm of the company and will be responsible for developing new products while making improvements to those that are already in existence.

There has been an increase in food consumption and a demand for chicken products throughout Spain, and Portugal, in recent years.

OSI Industries Spain Director who manages the plant stated that the demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal had increased by over eight percent, in about three years. Because of the growing demand for chicken products, OSI Industries Spain wants the company to be ready to keep its place as a leader in the industry.

According to OSI Industries Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald, the increase in the demand for chicken will give the company an opportunity to add products that are innovative to its bio. They will acquire new accounts and increase its growth in the food service business. OSI Industries will be adding many opportunities for people to apply for employment.

There have been many innovative and positive changes added to the OSI Industries Spain Plant which David McDonald, President, and Sheldon Lavin, CEO, is happy about.

Working At OSI Industries

OSI Industries have plants throughout the world and encourages anyone to apply for jobs at their company. They are a company that places a high value on their employees. At OSI Industries, regardless of which country you are in, employees are treated with respect. They encourage an atmosphere of non-discrimination regardless of race, color, nationality, and age. OSI Industries know that the employees are responsible for the success of the company. They encourage their employees to apply for rewarding opportunities and challenge them to do their best. OSI Group’s Global Expansion Progresses Swiftly