Masters of The Hardwood

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Josh Verne, Successful Entrepreneur and Leader of People

Josh Verne is a rising star in the world of American business and entrepreneurs. Beginning as co-president of Home Line Furniture, he moved on to become co-founder and CEO of, an online business that deducts purchases directly from payroll. After selling to Global Analytics Holding in 2014, Verne founded FlockU, a content exchange for college students in 2016 and is CEO of that company as well.


With over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, Verne is well versed in starting, expanding, and then selling businesses. He believes that true vision and the surest path to success is simply the ability to see what others don’t and then act on that information accordingly. Josh Verne believes that finding what inspires you the most and putting it to work is the best chance any entrepreneur has for success.


Verne’s business philosophy is straightforward and simple. He believes there are two very different types of people typically found in management jobs. There are leaders, and then there are bosses. Bosses have the power of their job title to demand respect, and can be counted on to always act in their own best interest. A leaders however, earns the respect of co-workers by putting them ahead of his own desires.


Verne believes that in an atmosphere of respect, working together towards a common goal is much easier to do than the other option. Someone has to be the leader, but it can be a fine line to walk. A boss may be able to demand respect, and insist on his will being followed but how dependable is “forced” respect? Much better to earn it by leading well, and being the kind of person others know they can call on for help or advice.


One firm policy of Verne’s is never obligate yourself to an idea or plan that is “win-lose.” If the plan isn’t a winner for the client, business and socially as well, then it needs to be re-worked until it is. According to Verne, if one never settles for less than a win on all sides, they have no choice but to come up with a plan that works when problems crop up. This kind of thinking is what puts Verne a cut above anyone else in business only for themselves.


Verne has another philosophy that makes very good sense. He believes that people have two ears and only one mouth for a reason, and when the ears are used to listen more, and the mouth to talk less, that is a recipe for success that’s hard to beat. The less said, the more people pay attention when you do speak.


Balance in all areas of life is a must for those who want to succeed. If your private life and health aren’t all they could be, it doesn’t matter how big your bank account is. It takes money to get along in today’s society, and when one doesn’t make enough they and their loved ones are the people who will suffer for it. That simple point comes down to one thing, balance promotes progress.


Passion is a big part of any successful venture. Of course, there are a lot of people out there who have no shortage of passion yet they fail in business anyway. The trick is to find the idea that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. If not, your business may keep plodding along anyway, but chances are it will never grow to reach its full potential.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Brings Innovative Hair Loss Solution To Austin, TX

Dr. Jennifer Walden, the notable cosmetic surgeon who made a name for herself launching innovative cosmetic surgery techniques in New York City, has returned to her roots in her childhood city of Austin, Texas. Bringing with her some of the most innovative cosmetic surgery developments over the last few years, she is providing patients in Austin, Texas with access to extremely advanced procedure options that may have not been available to them years ago.


One cosmetic procedure which Dr. Jennifer Walden is most excited about is a fairly new and innovative solution for hair loss. The procedure is called SmartGraft and is considered a hair transplant solution using extremely cutting edge technology. Dr. Walden has made her reputation as strong as it is by embracing and thoroughly studying new technology in cosmetic surgery, and SmartGraft has her seal of approval for its astounding effectiveness.


SmartGraft works by restoring hair density on those who are balding with singular hair follicle units. The technology allows doctors to actually harvest hair follicles from areas of the patient’s head where the hair is growing the most densely. These follicles are then implanted into areas where the patient’s hair is thinning so that they may grow in naturally.


SmartGraft is quickly becoming the preferred hair loss solution for those with thinning hair due to both its effectiveness and the fact that patients report little, if any, pain. With this exciting and highly-advanced technology, patients are reporting hair that grows in quickly and thickly. Patients who have had significant hair loss for over a decade are ecstatic to see thick hair growing in literally overnight.


Dr. Walden is ecstatic, too. Despite the fact that she found much success while practicing in New York City, deep in her heart she knew that she belonged in her childhood city of Austin. Walden is elated to share such innovative procedures with those who live in her home city.

Chris Burch Talks about Fashion and Technology

Have you ever wondered why rich people continue to be rich? On the other hand, the poor continue to be poor. The same is true for successful people. People who have tasted success at one given time of their lives are likely to succeed again. Nature has also shown that those who remain motivated, focused and determined end up succeeding in life. This is the story of one man called Chris Burch who started his ventures as a school boy. His first venture was during his time at Ithaca College when he founded a company called Eagles Apparel with just $2000. Several years later, the same business fetched a sum of $165 when it was acquired by the Swire Group.


Chris Burch is a man who loves fashion and the role that technology has had on fashion. He also acknowledges that fashion has had an impact on the technology industry too. He has a notion that these two industries go hand in hand. He, however, talks about how we can use various aspects of the past, the future and the present to look understand the changes that have occurred in these two industries. He gives an insight of the changes that have occurred in the music industry, the role that fashion has played, as well as technology. He tells of the boom box, how that changed with the introduction of the cassette. He then talks about how things have changed with the advent of the Walkman and finally the iPod and how it has revolutionized the music industry.


Chris understands that the fashion industry thrives of producing the products that customers love. He also appreciates that the only way to understand whether a product will deliver is to use technology. Where fashion and technology work together, the end product is functionality and innovation. He also tells of the way technology has been used to produce fashionable protection gears such as the airbag replacing the helmet. He also discusses the hand gloves that help firemen do their jobs while at the same time passing important information with their hands.


To keep up with trending issues and customers, Chris Burch is active on Social Media as he can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of his firm called Burch Creative Capital. In the past, Burch has worked with other firms such as the Voss Water, Poppin as well as Guggenheim where he is a board member.


Securus Technologies To Promote Video Visitation

Securus Technologies has contributed tremendously to the correctional industry. Inmates have relied on the company’s ability to produce a great many excellent communications systems to those in need of them. Video visitation is one of the more appreciated services Securus Technologies provides. To raise awareness about video visitation, Securus Technologies is launching a multi-state campaign to draw attention to the excellent benefits of video visitation.


Video visitation is performed via an app on a mobile phone or through a desktop computer. Video visitation delivers a lot more than just audio as is the case with a standard phone call. Video visitation allows inmates and their families to actually see one another. This allows for a more personal and appealing connection between loved ones. During the holidays, video visitation is surely appreciated. Likely, any and all uses of video visitation are going to be appreciated.


As Securus Technologies points out, video visitation is frequently easier to engage in than in-person meetings. Some relatives live too far away to make in-person visits. There are costs and other issues associated with traveling. Video visitation adds great convenience to the equation, which many inmates rely on to stay in touch with family and friends.


How Fabletics Took Online Retail Into The Mainstream

Making A Name In Online Shopping
Online retail is a booming business and fashion is no exception to that. Freed from many of the restraints of brick and mortar stores online retailers can offer their customers a shopping experience and product uniquely fit to each individual. Fabletics a great example of this approach to business coming to life. Customers subscribe to and fill out a survey to give the website a better understanding of your individual tastes and lifestyle choices. This business model is so successful Fabletics has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of a few years.

The Origin Story
Fabletics is the brain child of Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. After seeing the smashing success of JustFab Goldenberg and Ressler wanted to repeat this success with a brand focused more athletics. To make sure the brand really took off they enlisted the help of Kate Hudson. Just like Kimora Lee Simmons gave JustFab a needed touch of star power Kate Hudson is giving Fabletics exactly what it needs to thrive as a brand. She offers star talent and excellent management to Fabletics.

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More Than A Fashion Brand
Although Fabletics is an extremely successful clothing retailer it has a purpose well beyond this. The Fabletics model uses serious innovation to bring subscribers the personalized clothing the brand specializes in. Kate Hudson works with Ressler and Goldenberg to spread awareness of this reality and everything it will entail. She speaks out about the technical side of Fabletics and the “inclusiveness” of the brand. Fabletics is a brand for a broad and diverse demographic. She wants to make sure everyone sees the brand for what it is worth. It seems Hudson is successfully expanding the Fabletics consumer appeal. The store is now spreading into the physical world.

From The Internet Into The Real World
Fabletics has recently made the move in physical retail with the opening of brick and mortar stores in 6 locations. Offering consumers the same quality service they find online these stores aim to change the way fashion stores operate. There are even plans to open up stores in more than 100 new locations. If it sees the same success the other ventures of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have there’s no doubt about Fabletics’ future. There is a need in the market and Fabletics is filling that need just fine.

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Eric Pulier, The World’s Techno-philanthropist

Eric Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey and studied graduated from Harvard University with a BA in 1984. He has an impressive resume including being a published writer, in Forbes magazine; a successful entrepreneur, having founded several successful companies; working for President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, Mr. Pulier set up and ran “Bridge to the 21st Century” a commemoration of their second inauguration.

What stands out in Eric Pulier’s biography is his approach to philanthropy (See more information here). He has a particular knack for giving back using a technological approach. When Mr. Pulier was younger he created a multimedia training program for the Multiple Sclerosis Society to help people learn more about their devastating disease. Mr. Pulier went on to be the founding donor of the ACE Foundation, an organization that concentrates on molding how software is created and used to help solve the world’s most urgent challenges. Eric Pulier has helped children with chronic illnesses by donating capital supporting Starlight Foundation which links hospitals using a virtual environment. He is currently a financial donor to X-Prize, the exciting non-profit that holds competitions to create technology for the greater good. See:

Eric Pulier’s constant coupling of technology and philanthropy is an exciting and needed undertaking. This guarantees that with the lightning-quick growth of technology there will be advances in solving the challenges we face in the world. With these charitable endeavors and his many other philanthropic activities and accomplishments, Pulier is a techno-philanthropist helping change the world for the better, one gigabyte at a time.

For more information please visit

Thor Havlorssen: A Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation located in New York. He is of Norwegian and Venezuelan descent. His passion for human rights and ones individual liberties have taken precedence over everything else for him. His family’s history has been one filled with great tragedy and it provides a better understanding where his passion for humanity stems from. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Halvorssen’s father was murdered in a Caracas prison, after bravely exposing Venezuela’s government corruption. His mother was also murdered in a protest against Hugo Chavez, the former president of Venezuela. His cousin currently stands as a political prisoner behind the walls of the Venezuelan prison system. He has a great love of people and most of all a love for those that stand up against tyranny.

Thor is also a film producer as well as a humanitarian. His films have focused on public policy, public interest, advocacy and the rights and civil liberties of individuals. His production and film work have also come with a price.

In 2010, as he and a cameraman were in the city of Ho Chi Minh to interview a patriarch of of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, the authorities badly beat him as recompense for sneaking in and interviewing the man that had spent 28 years under house arrest and whose church had been banned. He was placed under arrest and later released.

Thor has also founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is gathering that occurs very year and many of his peers have praised as a Human Rights festival. He is also a Patron of the Children’s Peace movement “On Own Feet”, which is based in the Czech Republic. His life and work continues to be a testament to his passion for humans and their freedoms.

The Human Rights Foundation is a small team of 12 and their work extends the globe. Their goal is to bring awareness to authoritarianism and political prisoners, as much as to advocate for the rights often taken away from humans in closed societies.

Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings is a global lender and advisor in alternative financing solutions. The bank has been seeing more transactions in the margin and stock based loans in economic state where money lending institutions have hardened the entire lending criteria. It has become the appropriate alternative for individuals who need to raise capital within a short time. It’s also convenient for those who may be disqualified for more conventional credit based loans.

The founder and CEO of EFH, Al Christy, views the loans collateralized by stocks as better alternatives for raising capital. They also offer alternative borrowing opportunities for potential investors.

Equities First Holdings specializes in stock-based loans

Stock-based loans offer minimal restrictions. With these types of loans, the money can be used in a variety of ways and the bank does not demand the particulars. This ensures the client will pay at a reduced interest rate that is fixed at 4% or even lower. All loans carry some risk. Their customers are still allowed to leave the transaction without any attached obligations.The stock for a business can be used as collateral. That gives the investor the added advantage of accessing a loan to spend on anything.

Those who would benefit most from Equities First Holdings are: Christy observes that all stock-based loans have an advantage compared to margin loans. That is because they provide a higher loan to value ratio. They also have a fixed interest rate that ensures confidence throughout the entire transaction.

Those who wish to raise capital quickly: It’s the best option for those who want to access capital within a short period. That is because one doesn’t have to provide a lot of documentation to qualify for the loan. They are issued against stocks, and that’s all you need.Those who do not qualify for other bank loans: Equities First Holding will provide loans to those who are not eligible for other bank loans. This is because they have fewer restrictions as compared to traditional loans. Their interest rates are also comparatively low and friendly. They take in those borrowers who are cast out by the frustrating bank restrictions.

To sum up, Equities First Holdings is an appropriate money lending option for investors all over the world. With its incredibly low-interest rates and fewer restrictions, it is what any business person can ever dream of!

Keith Mann: If He Can Do It, He Will

People like Keith Mann are the types of people that if they can do something and something is within their reach, they are going to go out and do it. They are not big on excuses. That is why he is proud of his work at Dynamics Search Partners. Anything in life worth having does not come easy and is not handed to someone. They have to go out of their way to earn it the old fashioned way. That is the way of the world now and that is a good thing. He sees a lot of that can-do spirit in the young adults of today and the youth.


Keith Mann knows they want a better life and they have the skills to get it done and accomplish it. Sometimes all they need is a little guidance and a little help. A lot of people are very prideful and there is nothing wrong with being prideful, but it can sometimes get in the way of the bigger picture which is education. That means a great deal to Keith Mann with his work with The Uncommon School Districts. In fact, he looks for young adults that are uncommon. He knows they have the talent, the desire, and the will to succeed.


They do not rest on their laurels and they do not just settle in their lives. They are willing to push themselves. That is what motivates him to run fundraisers at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, which ended up raising over twenty-two thousand dollars. This is money that is well spent and there is a lot of planning that goes into this. It is not easy to get everyone together and set up an event like this. For Keith Mann, though, he knows it is worth it and he would do it as many times as possible if he could. As stated, if he can do it, he will.


He is not an individual that is just going to shrug his shoulders and say “Oh well.” He is not built that way and he does not operate that way on any level.