Agora Financial Helps Millions Navigate Their Personal Finances

Many people find themselves intimidated by the world of personal finance. Yet, everyone needs to have a plan to ensure they can fund a healthy retirement. Now one company wants to help the individual investor handle their own wealth without having to rely on expensive advisors.

Agora Financial is the leading private publishing company dedicated to educating people on money and finance. From free websites to newsletters, books, and seminars, Agora Financial teaches people how to protect and grow their wealth. This frees the individual from having to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars from financial advisors who end up taking an unacceptable bite of the wealth they are supposed to protect and grow.

Some of the free resources offered by Agora Financial includes the financial website, Daily Reckoning. In addition, the company offers 20 publications which advise on everything from spotting rapidly growing companies to generating income and protecting wealth.

Agora Financial’s unique insight is provided by the fact, unlike other financial publications, the company’s analysts spend their time outside of the office, exploring opportunities from each financial sector. From oil rigs in North Dakota to real estate markets in Asia, Agora Financial’s experts are ready to personally investigate any emerging financial opportunity.

One of the hallmarks of Agora Financial is their unbiased opinions. The company does not accept any fees from any company in return for favorable coverage. This ensures that readers get a fair and independent analysis of markets and stocks.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Agora Financial was founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner. For over four decades, the publishing company has helped millions of people protect and grow their assets through several market cycles.

Some of the areas of the financial world covered by Agora Financial include small-cap stocks, energy, metals, and emerging technologies. Among the newsletters published by Agora Financial include Outstanding Investments, Capital & Crisis and Daily Reckoning.

Boraie’s Real Estate Development Project in Atlantic City awakens hopes for a brighter future

The recent reports of their being plans to erect a 250 apartment complex in Atlantic City have been met with a lot of excitement especially from the business community hailing from around the metropolis terming it as a vote of confidence pointing to an even brighter future for the city. This follows a long period of real estate inactivity spanning more than 25 years which was further hurt by a 10-year decline in the resort’s gaming industry.

But that is about to change as Boraie Development LLC moves in to inject over $80 million worth of real estate. The project dubbed the beach at South inlet will be targeting the more than 50,000 individuals living and working in the town. While touring the site, the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC Wasseem Boraie said that the project’s main target market is the young person adding that they are aware that this demographic knows what they want hence the need to include the most modern amenities within the complex. Check out Bloomberg for more.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company with a wide variety of product offering particularly targeted at the urban real estate portion of the market. This has seen them build a strong reputation in the real estate space especially when it comes to services such as Real Estate Development, Property Management and Sale and Marketing of properties. Their main objective is to come with innovative ideas that will go a long way in helping them build stunning properties which can be able to meet the needs and aspirations of the modern-day client while at the same time providing incomparable hands on deck services that are tailored to each and every client.

Boraie Development LLC employs their mutually beneficial networks amongst the real estate industry stakeholders such as financial institutions, architects and contractors that they have built over the years they have been in the industry in order to craft the best team suitable for each and every project in a deliberate and conscious effort of making sure that all of their projects are completed successfully in time. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

What sets Boraie Development LLC apart from the rest of the real estate companies is the fact that they have been doing this for more than 30 years now with an impeccable track record of success and even more important is the fact that they use private sources of capital such as their own resources while at the same time pulling in more resources from the largest commercial banks to bankroll their projects. Visit to see more.


Fabletics – Why They Are The Best

Fabletics is a brand that is going to change the way we all shop. Women everywhere are finding the Internet to be more and more creative when it comes down to how they shop. The way companies are changing their format is changing everything. What makes Fabletics such a great brand is the fact that they are doing something different with how they operate.


Utilizing the reverse showroom technique, they are giving shoppers such a different way of shopping. Fabletics basically gives women the chance to window shop and try on different clothes in the store and then make their purchase on the web when they get home to double check which purposes they want to keep. The best part about Fabletics is their creativity with how they utilize different strategies like this to give shoppers an easier time to find what they need. Fabletics gives you the access to some of the best designers that nobody else can find. The biggest brand names also offer discounted prices in one place. Fabletics is the place to be because of how well they are giving discounted rates and other opportunities in one.


Fabletics is very dedicated to giving women what they want, and with the help of Kate Hudson on the side to help co-create this brand, you can be sure that someone like her is striving to make this the brand that tackles over Amazon. Fabletics is something Kate genuinely loves and enjoys being a part of. She explained how the brand caught her eye because of the way they handled business and how it operates. It gives a different experience, and women everywhere are experiencing a different kind of shopping that allows for more opportunity. Fabletics is easy to use and gives more opportunities to save money because of the savings they offer.


Kate Hudson believes that Fabletics is the company to be a part of if you want to succeed and grow. She works on handling all aspects of the brand from behind the company. She works closely with how they operate to ensure that clients can get what they want. She loves looking at the different options for women and finding a solution that works. This is the way to succeed because you have so many clothes to buy and all the options from brands that the outside world do not have access to. Join today and get quality clothing.

Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Most Deserved Honor

A recent report was made concerning the Ricardo Annes Guimarães’ Honor to Merit award. The chamber honored this president of BMG who is originally from Belo Horizonte. He received this award on April the 18th at the City Hall the diploma of Honor to Merit where the ceremony was opened by Léo Burguês de Castro (PSDB), the president of the House.

While different prestigious people were honoring Guimarães, they recognized him of his distinguishable acts. Léo Bourgeois recalled how s awarded in 2004 the Great Collar of Legislative Merit in whic Guimarães was he declared how satisfied he is in opening this house doors again to pay homage to Guimarães in a personal way this time. He also highlighted the work designed in the sport’s favor. He also remember the Guimarães passage in the presidency of Club Atlético Mineiro from 2001 to 2006 in which Guimarães cleared up the team’s finances during this time. He was also responsible and praised for the Training Center of the Rooster’s construction which was considered one of the country’s best equipped.

Fred Costa, the state deputy, also highlighted various recognizable traits of Guimarães. He talked about the patron of the national sport and the honoree’s vast curriculum since Guimarães invests in Olympics volleyball, tennis, and gymnastics, in addition to football. Costa also highlighted the investments Guimarães made to the São Vicente de Paula Foundation and the Baleia Hospital.

Deputy Alberto Pinto Coelho, standing in for Governor Anastasia, also had kind words. He stated how this tribute is well-deserved in crowning an important family’s saga and is dedicated to the sport’s development.

And upon hearing these kind words and highlights, Guimarães thanked them all. He stated that Belo Horizonte is his professional and family roots, he thanked councilman Daniel Nepomuceno for his gentleness, and he stated that he’s honored to maintain the tradition that his grandfather started. He lastly stated that BMG invests mostly in athletes and sports.

About Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães is the president of the BMG Bank which is located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is also known as Ricardo Guimaraães BMG, and his site is In addition to being the president of BMG BMG, he is also an heir to Banco BMG and is a mining businessman. This empire began in 1930 by Banco de Credito Predial. And since Ricardo Guimarães leadership which began in 1998, he became a leader in Brazil in payroll loans and personal loans.

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Before There Were Guns: Shoot A Trabuco

The trabuco is a medieval weapon, similar to a catapult, and was used to launch projectiles at besieged enemies. Projectiles would damage walls or other structures, in addition to frightening the enemy so that they might surrender. The invention of the trabuco is believed to have occurred in China in the Middle Ages. Europeans adopted the trabuco during the Crusades, and this weapon was effective in siege situations. The original trabucos were mounted on wheels, so they could be transported to the specific building, fortress or wall that they would be attacking.

Much of the effectiveness of the trabuco lies in its relative simplicity. The mechanism of the trabuco is less complex than that involved in catapults and other similar projectile weapons of the Middle Ages. A relatively simple mechanism also meant that the trabuco was relatively easy to repair and maintain — this was important for a weapon that was transported over long distances. The trabuco was also built strong, and therefore was able to launch heavier projectiles than other similar weapons that had come before.

Early trabucos worked by people pulling on one end of the arm that launched the projectile. Some of the earlier trabucos developed in China used over 200 people working in a team to pull on the arm. There are reports that such trabucos could launch a stone weighing 140 pounds some 80 meters according to These early trabucos were not very flexible or portable, however, as coordinating the large teams of people needed to operate the machine was quite a task. There were dozens of ropes attached to the arm of this early trabuco, and it had to be coordinated so that each was pulled with similar force for successive shots.

From China, the trabuco traveled to the Middle East, moving along the Silk Road with Arab traders according to This version of the trabuco had an additional weight on the arm, and was able to shoot projectiles weighing up to 400 pounds. The city of Damietta, in Egypt, was besieged by this type of trabuco, and its walls were damaged by the projectiles. Europeans took the trabuco home from the Crusades, and made further modifications to its design. Thirteenth-century trabucos were capable of launching projectiles weighing more than a ton, and at significant distance. For three centuries on, trabucos were major weapons of war, and capable of terrifying attacks. In addition to stones, trabucos were sometimes used to launch livestock, human prisoners, body parts and implements such as barrels at the enemy. This could add a psychological element to the siege or warfare, or provide ammunition in situations where there were no large stones available as projectiles. However, when gunpowder and firearms were developed in the sixteenth century, projectile-launching weapons such as the trabuco quickly became obsolete, replaced by firepower.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Draws Success From Meditation and Visualization

Dr. Mark McKenna has gained fame as both a doctor and entrepreneur. His latest project is OVME, which by some accounts, is an Uber-style app to aid Botox patients. The venture opens in Atlanta, and the business model will be a chain of national cosmetic medical offices. The goal is for Botox patients to use the app to connect with freelance practitioners who can make house calls.

It is a disruptive approach to how the industry manages Botox. Dr. Mark McKenna has an interesting backstory. He attended and graduated medical school, and realized that medicine alone would not allow him to reach his financial goals. Having a great deal of business knowledge as well, he established real estate business in New Orleans.
His business realized success, but Hurricane Katrina destroyed it in 2005.

Dr. mark McKenna lost millions overnight along with many in New Orleans who lost their livelihood. Dr. Mark McKenna built the business again by buying, renovating, and selling flooded properties. He turned a tragedy into an opportunity for many to get back on their feet.

He and his wife, Milana, have two children. Up early, he starts his day at 6:30 a.m., has breakfast with his daughter, and then goes to work at 8 a.m. He is also a martial arts enthusiast. After dinner, he practices  JiuJitsu discipline until 9 p.m. After his robust workout, he heads home and continues to work until he falls asleep.

He also sets regular goals along with visualization techniques. The two disciplines complement each other. Meditation, once daily, is also a part of his regimen. For him, meditation and visualization practiced in calm environment are the keys to his success. He is also an avid reader who loves to study the lives of people who have achieved great success.

People like Bloomberg, Obama, and Elon Musk are at the top of his list. One of his favorite reads is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. He credits the names mentioned as having set the standard for his own approach to life.

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5 Leadership Qualities Effective Leaders Like Jeffry Schneider Have

We all have heard the phrase “there are too many leaders but very little leadership.” And you have probably read Lee Iacocca’s book, “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?” But there are many good leaders such as Jeffry Schneider who have led their companies and teams to great heights of success.

Jeffry Schneider has more than 25 years of experience in team leadership. He should know what effective leadership entails. Who is a good leader? How are good leaders different than others? Good leaders possess the following qualities:

They are Effective Communicators

A leader’s job is to motivate his or her team to perform tasks and projects that propel the organization forward. Good leaders use the available resources to achieve organizational objectives.

To do so, they need to communicate clearly on what constitutes acceptable performance. Everyone on the team fully understands how their role fits into the organization’s aspirations. Leaders who cannot effectively communicate to their followers are unlikely to offer great leadership.

Their Ethical and Moral Standard is High

You are unlikely to find a good leader who does not consider this quality to be important. The findings of a research project involving 195 leaders in 15 countries confirmed this. Sixty-seven percent of the respondents agreed that having a high ethical and moral standard was the most important quality in leadership.

Employees under leaders with high ethical and moral standards are likely to feel safe on a deep level. Jeffry Schneider has demonstrated in various capacities just how important this quality is.

They Believe in Empowering People

You have probably worked for a manager who “micromanages” people. How does it feel? Good leaders provide direction for their people but allow them to do their jobs. They have invested in training and mentorship programs and know that their people are capable.

Research has indicated that empowered employees become a more productive human resource. Such workers tend to be more proactive — they are ready with solutions that help resolve work-related problems. Additionally, empowered teams are happier and more satisfied with their jobs. When it comes to empowering people, Jeffry Schneider has shown real leadership.

They Support Their People’s Growth and Development

Biology teaches us that all living things grow and reproduce. Good leaders seem to understand this natural truth in their leadership journey instinctively. They know they are good leaders who have obtained incredible results from their employees. But they are fully aware that they will leave someday. So they, in a sense, reproduce themselves.

They work hard to build a generation of competent future leaders. Such lucky employees get mentoring and leadership coaching from these dedicated leaders. They get an opportunity to learn how to make sound business decisions and lead others.

They are Receptive to New Ideas

Good leaders understand that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Change in industries is inevitable. Organizations need to come up with better methods and processes if they want to remain competitive.

Good leaders realize that no one has a monopoly of knowledge or ideas. A factory floor worker can be the person with the idea that becomes a game changer. Great leaders create an environment where all can contribute through idea sharing.

Jeffry Schneider enjoys traveling and interacting with people who are different than him. Well-traveled people may be more aware of the diversity that is human existence. People like Schneider may find it easier to accept ideas that differ from theirs.

Leadership matters. The future of organizations and even civilization itself may depend on it. That people like Jeffry Schneider continue nurturing a generation of strong future leaders offers some hope.

Ricardo Tosto excellence in law

Brazil has one of the most complex legal systems in the world. To interpret the cases there is usually the need for a lawyer. Anyone who is not trained in law will struggle to make presentations in any court of law or any other forum that interpretation is needed. To make the right decision especially for business, there is a need for the business to consult with educated and qualified lawyers who have the relevant academic qualification and who have been approved to practice law in the country. Brazil legal system is one that can be hacked by a well-trained lawyer such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is one of the best lawyers from Brazil.

Lawyers are respected people in the country. They are the people who normally make sure that justice prevails in the societies we live. It is also a rewarding career that attracts some of the best brains in the country. For one to qualify as a lawyer, they must first attend a university of choice as long as it is approved to offer law. Any institution that is not allowed to offer law will lead to disqualification from one becoming a lawyer. After the university degree, one is then required to attend a law school. The purpose of the law school is to ensure that everyone is trained on the various aspects of law practice in the country. It provides students with an experience of acting like lawyers. After the law school, the next stage that one should stop at should be for the bar exam. This is the exam that determine if one will eventually qualify as a lawyer or not.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among the best lawyers in the country. He is a master of business litigations in the country. He has an experience of many years that make him the best person to consult for matters related to business litigation in the country. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a dedicated a lawyer who ensures that his clients get the best services. Ricardo Tosto is a holder of law degree from the Presbyterian University which is located in Sao Paulo.


Tony Petrello- CEO with great passion

Tony Petrello is a successful business executive in the United States. He is wealthy yet very humble. Many people probably came to know about him when he was named the highest paid CEO in the country with a net annual salary of $68 million. This is the first time that Tony Petrello featured prominently in the media. Tony Petrello is influential in the U.S corporate sector. He has a lot to his name. He has accomplished a lot than any other person the drilling industry. Tony Petrello has been working in the industry for a very long time. He has developed expertise that is needed for one to run a successful business venture.

Tony Petrello has gained a lot from his ability to figure out solutions that should be applied in the businesses that he is in. He has been a problems solver all his life. He has been able to deal with courses in law and mathematics while in the university. These are courses that require one to have a deep understanding and capability of solving problems. Tony Petrello has not disappointed in this. He has shown everyone that it is possible to make huge achievements when you are a problem solver. Tony Petrello has been working in the drilling industry for a very long time. He started his job in the company in 1991. He was appointed by the management after they identified capabilities in business while he was working for another company in New York. He was working with a law firm as a lawyer and managing partner of the firm.

Tony Petrello’s achievements have been admirable to many. He has managed to streamline the operations of the firm such the goal of the firm could be accomplished. He has done a lot for this company. This is the reason he finally got a chance to serve in the highest position in the firm. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello hopes that he will continue making changes on the company by implementing innovative ideas that will transform the fortunes of the drilling form. Tony Petrello believes that there is a great opportunity for the company to even expand more. Currently, it is in 25 countries in the world. He believes there is a lot more that should be done to accomplish the goals of this company.

Tony Petrello has demonstrated his brilliance in the management of the firm by his ability to change the fortunes of the company that he leads. He has made it the biggest company in the world.

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Nick Vertucci Knows Real Estate Investing Like Few Others

Nick Vertucci has enjoyed an accomplished career in real estate and in the process he’s earned a fortune and gained a level of expertise in the field that is rarely equaled. He’s also uniquely qualified to bandy about a little philosophy and he imparts one valuable tidbit. He’s convinced that one’s past doesn’t dictate one’s future and he’s living proof of that. Vertucci has overcome considerable hardships during his life to reach a place of success and fulfillment. In keeping with his good character, he wishes the same for you.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy offers an excellent opportunity to learn how to be successful as an investor and learn the business through and through. His knowledge and expertise are made available and can help attendees short-circuit a difficult learning curve that he’s experienced firsthand. Vertucci faithfully takes his show on the road to major cities on a regular basis. Nearly everyone can find one close enough to attend and in so doing possibly change their life forever.

Success didn’t come easily for Nick Vertucci and it is especially gratifying in light of the obstacles that he’s faced. He lost his father at a young age and growing up was difficult under those circumstances. A business failure was another low point that he suffered through early in his working life and he was married with children at the time.

Things changed when Nick Vertucci attended a real estate seminar with a friend and found his life’s calling. He had to hustle to make things work and he endured many setbacks along the way but his perseverance carried the day for him. Over time his knowledge and skills started to grow substantially and his career took off to heights that surprised even him. Now everyone has the chance to plumb the depths of his knowledge with his outstanding seminars.