Dr. Greg Finch is One of Australia’s Leading Orthopedic Spinal Surgeons

Some people could require orthopedic surgery due to incurred injuries or degeneration of their bones or surrounding cartilage. Replacement shoulder or hip surgery is often performed when the bones or adjacent cartilage is too damaged to repair. These procedures use synthetic parts made of plastic or metal to provide patients with a better range of motion, while also reducing pain. ACL reconstruction is another common orthopedic procedure that involves the knee. In this instance the damage occurs to the connecting ligament, which is removed so a new donor tissue can be attached through the use of screws. This allows the knee to regrow its own tissue while still maintaining a degree of functionality during the process of regrowth. Orthopedic surgery can often involve procedures of the spine as well.

An Outstanding Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Greg Finch is one of Australia’s leading orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Finch obtained two bachelor degrees from the University of Auckland, one for medicine and one for surgery. His first hospital position was with the Shriners Hospital for Children where he practiced pediatric orthopedics and spinal surgery. While Dr. Greg Finch is more than capable of performing any type of orthopedic surgery, he has chosen to focus his talents on addressing issues of the spine. He has practiced as a spinal surgeon in many hospitals within Australia, including the Royal Perth Hospital and Sir Charles Gardner Hospital.

Dr. Greg Finch currently practices as an orthopedic spine surgeon at the Sunshine Cost Hospital in Queensland, Australia. He is a participating member of several associations including the North American Spine Society, the Society for Minimally Invasive Surgery and the Royal Australiasian College of Surgeons, to which he holds a fellowship. Dr Greg Finch strives to provide minimally invasive procedures for his patients and specializes in the areas of spinal decompression, cervical surgery and spinal tumor surgery.


Investment Expert Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has recently provided a few tips for investors on how to capitalize on Brazil’s recent economic growth. With these tips, Igor Cornelsen has been able to provide investors with what they need to make their investing experience a success. One of the first tips that Igor Cornelsen has given is that investors must connect to the natives. This means that they will need to network and establish connections in order to find more investment opportunities. Another tip that Cornelsen has offered is that investors will need to understand that foreign exchange rates differ depending on the type of transaction. Lastly, investors must be aware that Brazil has a lot of red tape and heavily regulates business activity.


For a number of years, Igor Cornelsen has established himself as a leading expert on finance and investing. He is Brazilian based banker who has a lot of expertise on investing in commodities and foreign exchange currency. Cornelsen is currently affiliated with the investment firm Bainbridge Group Inc. He’s been a part of this firm due to its frequent transactions in the stock market. This has given him the opportunity to prosper in the finance field. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has become one of the most prominent investment bankers in all of Brazil. https://about.me/igorcornelsen1


During his career, Cornelsen has managed some of the largest banking institutions in the entire world. With this experience, he has been able to build a solid reputation of being a trusted finance expert. His experience managing large banks has enabled him to gather an in depth knowledge of the financial sector and help a number of investors find the best opportunities. By working with Cornelsen, many investors have been able to learn more about the many investment opportunities available in Brazil. Along with being an investment banker, Igor is also a consultant who is often providing advice on how to make the most out of investment opportunities. Therefore, Igor is one of the go to people when it comes to getting valuable guidance on both Brazilian and world financial matters.


Should I Feed My Dog Beneful Wet Food?

Choosing the right type of dog food for your pet is important. If your dog isn’t consuming a nutritious diet, it isn’t going to be healthy. Plus, if your dog does not like its food, it might not eat enough of it to get the nutrients that it needs. If you are looking for a good food to feed your dog, Beneful wet food can be a wonderful option.Coupons for dog food: Click here .

For one thing, Beneful wet food is easy to find. It is sold in many grocery stores, mass market retail stores, pet stores and more. You can also find it online. No matter where you live, chances are good that you can find Beneful wet food in a convenient place.Additionally, it’s relatively affordable. Even though it’s a good name brand food, the prices are usually quite reasonable, especially if you shop around for a good price. Plus, you can usually find Beneful dog food coupons online or in your local newspaper, which can allow you to enjoy extra savings.

Plus, Beneful wet food is a good food all around to feed your dog. It’s nutritionally sound, so you’ll know that your pet is getting what it needs as long as you follow the directions and serve the right amount. Additionally, it comes in various different flavors, so you can surely find an option that you pet will like. For example, you can choose from foods that include chicken, beef, salmon or turkey, as well as multiple vegetables. Consider trying a few different kinds to see what your dog likes best.If you are looking for the right dog food for your pet, you might want to give Beneful wet food a try. You might just find that it’s the perfect choice for your furry, four-legged family member, whether you have a large, small or in-between dog.


Chris Burch’ and James MacBride’s Luxurious Resort Shines Globally

Chris Burch is a globally recognized fashion and tech magnate who is known for initiating brands. Sometime back in 2012 he joined hands with James MacBride, and they bought some beach hostel in the Indonesian of Sumba region. Upon purchasing the property, they settled on remodeling it, an endeavor that cost them $30 million. Around 2015 they re-launched it as a five-star hotel, having branded it Nihiwatu. The resort became the beacon of beauty and magnificence not only in Indonesia but the entire world. In 2016 it caught the eye of Travel + Leisure, and they voted Nihiwatu, the finest hotel in the world.


Chris Talks About Nihiwatu Resort


While in an interview, Chris told Business Jet Traveler that the investment was meant for his children. He continued to explain that he hoped they would preserve it as a family so that it becomes the precious tool through which they give back to the society. Fascinatingly, the fame and beauty possessed by Nihiwatu was way beyond his expectations. In fact, he says that he had his anticipations but thought the outcome would be slightly less, which never was. The hotel is an actual edge of the wilderness, as it has been nicknamed.


Underlying Information About Nihiwatu Resort


Nihiwatu is a name meaning “mortar stone,” which was inspired by the name of the beach, which also derived the name from a rock formation process that happened on the surge. The hotel’s magnificence is a clear indicator that the duo embraces opportunities and highly values big investments as an alleyway to unparalleled success. The hotel has also contributed greatly to the economic state of the island by employing the Islanders. There is also a significant share of their profits that goes to the funding of the Sumba Foundation, an initiative that bankrolls projects meant to support the locals.


Basics Concerning Chris’ Background in Entrepreneurship


While still at Ithaca College, Chris began entrepreneurial initiatives, and that is where his success story started. He collaborated with Bob, his brother and they launched Eagle’s Eye Apparel. They grew the venture’s net worth to $165 million, after which they sold it to Swire Group. Throughout his life, Chris makes efforts to exhaust his ability to realize the connection between innovation and implementation.




Everything that Chris sets his hands on thrives. It could be attributed to his innate understanding of consumer response, as well as his aggressiveness. He also likes supporting upcoming entrepreneurs and encouraging them to build their brands.

Buffett Couldn’t Be More Wrong On Investing, Says Armour

Warren Buffett is a name that is synonymous with success in finance. One would think his insight into investing would be beyond reproach, but Tim Armour from Capital Group Companies recently wrote an op-ed that exposes what he sees as a substantial flaw in Buffett’s method.

Buffett recently issued a charity challenge to other hedge fund managers, but claimed that by sticking to the S&P 500 passive index fund he could make more money that the rest. While Armour concedes that this may be a safe enough bet for one of the most successful investors in the world during an abnormally long bull market, it’s not how investor’s should think, especially with a bear market coming for us any day now.

Armour wrote that for investors returns are all that matters, and passivity can’t always guarantee that. Nothing can. But a strong indicator of a fund that returns higher than benchmark indexes are those where managers have personally invested.

It’s the same method Armour employs Armour employs and claims he averages returns 1.47% higher than benchmark indexes after fund expenses are calculated. For those entering into the market for the first time, Armour suggests sticking to funds where the managers have a personal financial stake in its success

About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is an American businessman and investor. After graduating from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Armour joined the Associates Program at Capital Group Companies.

32 years later, Armour became such an essential fixture within the company that he became Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company.

Read more on Bloomberg.

Dr. Jennifer Walden returns to Texas with extensive training

Dr. Jennifer Walden has returned to her childhood home of Texas to set up her practice after several years in New York. At Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat and Lenox Hill Hospital, she received the academic appointment of Clinical Instructor of Plastic Surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center, one of the premiere institutions of its type on the East Coast. Some of her previous achievements include an award from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for the Best Scientific Exhibit, The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation, which is awarded by the American Medical Women’s Association, and The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award, given by the Kelsey-Seybold Foundation of Houston. She has since been running her own practice in Austin for several years and raising a family in the nearby area.


With deep roots in Texas, she obtained her Medical Doctorate with Honors and graduated as the Salutatorian from the University of Texas. She also attended Anderson High School, and chose to return home to let her two sons grow up near family. Dr. Walden often appears on KVUE-TV, Austin’s local ABC affiliate in her original segment “Looking Good and Living Well With Dr. Jennifer Walden”. She has worked with many Texas charities and non-profit organizations, including South Central Texas chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, donating time back to her beloved community. With a clear philanthropic approach to her success, Dr. Walden continually tries to give back to the community that has given her so much. Her skill, experience, and vision are welcome back in her home state, where she is committed to growing her business, her family, and her community.

Reviewing The Contribution Of White Shark Media To Building Small Businesses

Small businesses face a lot of challenges that can only be resolved through creative measures like working out a marketing strategy that can place the business above competitors. Competition is one of the most complex challenges a business encounters while pursuing its development and in the absence of intelligent ideas, it can prove daunting to achieve its goals. White Shark Media has been helping small businesses to overcome the nightmares that come with the lack of proper marketing capabilities. The company offers intelligent marketing solutions that are backed by AdWords and SEM strategies tailored to support small and medium size businesses.


Evaluation by AdWords experts                                                          

Before taking any action or proposing ideas for marketing, there is need to first evaluate the performance of the business and its capability to handle certain challenges. Once this is established, what follows is coming up with a plan that would make it possible to overcome the challenges identified. White Shark Media has been training and appointing experts to various offices and one of the areas they have proved to perform perfectly is in the placement of AdWords experts, who review the progress of businesses presented by their clients then come up with a suitable plan.


Live GoToMeeting evaluations

All the evaluations that are performed by White Shark Media are channeled through avenues where the client can track the progress of the campaign. Through GoToMeeting conferences, the company connects with clients in a live session, which allows experts to explain the actions they have embraced to develop the business. This offers the client a chance to also ask questions and learn important aspects of the niche that could inspire changes. All processes are open and done with due consideration to honesty to ensure the business is placed on a clean platform that is designed to offer it an easy way to develop.


Inspire better AdWords performance

Businesses that have AdWords campaigns that have stalled can also seek support at White Shark Media. The company works with powerful tools to allow businesses to manage their marketing projects seamlessly and to understand the movement of the market. White Shark Media picks up the AdWords campaign and despite its poor performance, the client is assured of a better outcome after a short period of time. This is made possible by the fact the company is also a Google SMB Premier partner, something that gives it leverage to manage marketing campaigns it the AdWords section.


Find out more about White Shark Media:



USHealth Group: Specified Insurance

USHealth was formed 4 decades ago with the aim of providing insurance coverage that was better than the conventional one that people are used to. They were able to grown and now have a subscription of about 15 million people.

They are one of the biggest companies having provided insurance in unique and different ways that set them apart as an insurance group with the best cover. They have also been providing products like:

• Uniprice
• Ingenix
Healthcare services
• Specialized car

On the fortune 500 companies that are in the United States, USHealth Group was ranked at number 6 which is really a big step.

What You Get

They have been able to build all that they have by providing a different kind of insurance that you will not find anywhere. Some of the things that make them so different and preferable include:

Specified sickness/diseases care forms
• Their offer their insurance at cheaper rates
• Their requirements are easy to fulfill
• They have a HOPE organization that changes lives daily
• They focus on the small income businesses like:
• Business owners of small gigs
• Small income workers
• Self-employed individuals

When you put in all they do, you will find about 70 million people who are served by this company.

The Hope Organization

The acronym HOPE stands for helping other people every day, it is an initiative that was started to specifically help out people daily in the hope of making real difference. This has been a good thing as they have had more customers.

This has had a very alluring effect on people who have been impressed by the way that this company works unlike other insurance companies that just want to milk you dry.

The Best Offers

In spite of the cheap rates that are offered by this company, they deliver quality and a full service package that will suit you according to your specification. This is made easy by the product portfolio.

With 40 years experience, you are in good hands with USHealth, the best insurance cover in medical care needs.

Andrea McWilliams’ Success In Public Relations

Andrea McWilliams is a political strategist and a leading political fundraiser who has been featured on national media such as FOX News, USA Today, BBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and NPR. Her involvement in both the private and public sector has exhibited her unique way of combining patience and persuasion in every issue she handles while paying attention to detail. Andrea is a national political commentator whose profile has been featured in several Texas Publications. Notably, the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce regards her as the “consigliore to the powerful and political.”

Andrea McWilliams built her name in the private sector when she became a chief of staff at the iconic public relations firm, Public Strategies, Inc., at just 21. Together with her husband Dean, Andrea established McWilliams, a company that offers consultancy services on government affairs. The couple has combined their talents and experience in leading the company to become a respected alliance and reputable firm both locally and nationally. Andrea McWilliams is active in volunteering to community activities. She is also heavily involved in philanthropic activities. Over the years, Andrea McWilliams has served on the boards of various non-profit organizations. She is a member of the Long Center’s Notable Women and the Town Committee of St. David’s Hospital Toast. Previously, she served as the president of Inherit Austin.

She has also been involved with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, KillCancer, Mamma Jamma Ride, and Center for Child Protection. Andrea McWilliams offers business insights to young women in Central Austin. She serves on the board of Preservation Austin. Her outstanding performance in the industry has seen her receive different awards, including Profiles in Power and 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist by the Austin Business Journal and the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce respectively. Andrea McWilliams is the recipient of the Woman of Distinction Award by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, the Austin Under 40 award, and a Style-Setter Award by the Austin Fashion Week for her philanthropic engagements. The Austin American-Statesman Foundation named her in the Glossy 8 list.

EOS Breaks into the Lip Balm Industry with Products that are Affordable and Cute

Until seven years ago, there had been little change in the lip balm industry until a couple of enterprising entrepreneurs decided to shake things up by creating a revolutionary new product. It was at this time that Evolution of Smooth introduced their line of flavored lip balms, which were in direct contrast with the current products available in generic looking tubes. These products generally contained one active ingredient and came in flavors of original, mint or cherry. The launch of lip balms from EOS lip balm not only captured the interest of many well known celebrities, but also drove profits in the lip care industry to more than two billion dollars.

Putting a New Twist on an Old Favorite

When co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller teamed up with former co-founder Craig Dubitsky, they sought to utilize the business skills they possessed to break into the beauty industry. They soon discovered the likeliest candidate for renovation in this industry was lip balm. Since the current products had not changed in more than 100 years, they felt they could easily capitalize on this lack of change by creating their own unique version of lip balm. The first step was to discover what type of product would appeal most to today’s consumer.

Since the current lip balms were neutral in gender, they thought they might be able to enter the market with a product designed to appeal specifically to women. They gained further insight into what women would look for in this type of product by conducting a consumer panel. What Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller discovered would lead them to create the little pastel colored orbs of lip balm available on Amazon and Target today. By making both the balm and the packaging more appealing to the senses, they created a product that not only protected lips, but was also affordable and incredibly adorable.