Jeff Aronin; changing the world one patient at a time

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. This is a company that majors on investing in biopharmaceuticals and development if start-ups in the same field. He is known as an incredible leader, an entrepreneur and a skilled scientist.

If there is one thing that inspires Jeff Aronin to keep doing what he does it is seeing patients get better and get the most out of life. He says if there is a product that can see these patients beat whatever it is that ails them, then there is no better way for him to spend his resources that to see these products developed and put in the market. This has seen him together with his team see 13 new innovations developed, patented and introduced in the market. That is 13 new ways to fight the world’s diseases.

Having a desire and a goal to help patients get better is not the only thing that fuels his passion for his work. It is his perception to work as well. Jeff Aronin looks at all patients as more than just patients. He sees them as a part of a family and the community at large. This makes him realise that his work does not just change the life of one person but a family and a community. This has been a great source of inspiration to him; knowing that he is impacting the world by helping one person get better (Thenewsversion).

This is the reason why he coaches start-up businesses that have a product or idea that could take the field of medicine further. His 20 year experience in developing biotech and healthcare innovation companies has proved to be an asset in this regard. He is quick to pick out promising start ups and coaches them to the point of becoming successful businesses. This has also earned him the title of a mentor. Every entrepreneur who has passed through his hands comes out with more than just business. The come out with invaluable lessons that come from his experience in the field. He is a ready teacher to all who are eager to learn.

It is this passion towards innovation in biotechnology as well as healthcare that seen on Jeff to be awarded the Weizmann Leadership Award. This was a commendation to the incredible work he is doing in his field and an attempt to motivate players in the same field.


The Future of Fashion Begins with Present Designers from the Academy of Art University

The city of San Francisco, California is home to the Academy of Art University which is a leading art school within the nation. This is a for profit university and it is privately owned. In September of 2017 the university held its 21st runway showcase. This fashion affair is an important event for fashion industry insiders. The designers who participate in the runway showcase are given the opportunity to influence clothing designs for the future.

This past runway showcase featured ten recent BFA and MFA graduates and their fashionable designs. A few of these individual even collaborated on the type of clothing designs and styles they wanted to use. The graduates used menswear and womenswear lines of clothing. They also employed the talent of highly rated top models to show off their original styles. This event is very important for discovering fresh new talent and modeling clothing ideas of the future.

There are 12,600 Academy of Arts University students who attend this institution. Many of them are there to learn about disciplines such as acting, photography, advertising, architecture, fine art and fashion. The university has 9 sports teams and competes in various athletic events as well.

Many people who want to work in the acting, filming, television and media fields typically enroll at this college. There are other career paths that people choose as well. The school was established in 1929 and has many graduates since that time. This university is now a leading industry establishment for the fashion industry.

Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam and Saya Shen were among the fresh new talents for this event. They had presented some new fashion trends that could very well influence how people look in the future and beyond. Styles that are accepted at this fashion show eventually go on to set fashion and clothing standards for people in the future.

Sheriff Arpaio Must be Stopped

There are two things I am very proud of in this life. I am a very proud Christian and I am a very proud American. I truly believe that I live in the greatest country and I worship the greatest God that could ever be thought of.

As a Christian who is a Seventh-day Adventists, I firmly believe that we are to engage ourselves in social justice in this world. I firmly believe that God has given us the Sabbath day in order to not only worship him but to begin fighting for those who are oppressed by others and being subdued by a tyrannical government. This is why the Bible tells us that we are to plead the cause of the widow and fight for the orphans. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Currently there is an issue going on with illegal immigrants in this country. Many times Americans want to say these immigrants have no right to be here and they should go back to where they came from.

We often wonder if God has something to say on this matter? Doesn’t God care for the illegal immigrant who can barely scrape by because they are being paid underneath the table a mere pittance? I personally believe that he does care about the situation and we are to be active in promoting change in this area.

In my studies on this topic, I’ve encountered the writings of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men are co-owners of the Village Voice Media. It is through this media outlet that they seek to change the heart of the average American to become more compassionate to the situation that illegal immigrants find themselves in. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In their publishing, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have come up against Sheriff Joseph Arpaio on more than one occasion. Part of their strategy to grow compassion in the hearts of the American citizens is to show what kind of evil actions people like Sheriff Joseph Arpaio are committing against these people.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin report on how Sheriff Joe Arpaio allowed a Hispanic woman to lose her baby when she went into labor. She was eight months pregnant and being held in one of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s prisons there in the Maricopa County.

She complained that she was feeling pain and that the baby no longer was moving. Normally an OB/GYN would be called. However, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio denying her this capability and her unborn child needlessly died as a result of his neglect.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would personally experience the atrocity that is Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. He trampled upon their freedom of speech when he realized how many things they reported about him.

He did this by illegally trying to shut down the Corporation Village Voice Media. When this did not work, he held Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin at gunpoint and even legally demanded that evidence of his crimes be destroyed. These two brave men stood against him on that day.

Jeunesse Global Empowers Customers with System for Enhancing a Well-balanced Lifestyle

The products offered by Jeunesse Global are resourceful and beneficial for a person’s fitness, well-being, and entire body. The exclusive distributor partnerships make the company an ideal marketplace within the online retail industry for getting products that are reliable, proven successful and effective. There is a common theme throughout the company of a commitment to help customers reach their full potential and have a rewarding life that is enriching as well as practical enough to sustain any achieved outcome.

As an international company, Jeunesse Global has a business model that operates in a manner which is inclusive of all races, ethnicities and socio-economical background. It is the “United Nations” of a global society for providing customers with the innovative choices they deserve which would not be available without the company’s initiative and extensive research for providing extraordinary products.

At every possible opportunity, Jeunesse Global empowers its customers and distributors with the support of a company that models the example of thriving to reach higher without compromising quality.

The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) was designed with the input of an Advisory Board that oversees all of Jeunesse Global products. The Advisory Board is comprised of internationally prominent physicians that have the type of passion, expertise, and education to support the nine products of the Y.E.S. system and all products distributed by the company.

The Y.E.S. system allows customers to purchase a wide-selection of Jeunesse Global products as well as package products that enhance a well-balanced lifestyle for improved health, nutrition, and skin care. When considering which Jeunesse products to purchase for the first time or even for long-time customers, the packages offered by the company allow for the best opportunity to experience quality products without forfeiting quantity.

Jeunesse Global has been committed to changing the lives of its customers since 2009. Founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, launched the company after emerging from retirement upon determining a common passion for helping people to thrive in their everyday lives. Their mission is to change the lives of people in a way that is empowering and fulfilling. Wendy and Randy are also dedicated to helping underprivileged children through the Jeunesse Kid’s Foundation which provides essential needs worldwide.

David McDonald; OSI President; Stands Alongside International Deal

David McDonald; Food Service Professional

David McDonald, OSI Industries president, understands the benefits of being a part of a trusted network, responsible for the safety of the general public from processing food products. Thousands of customers are fed an all-natural diet from OSI with an approval from the FDA, their customers eat by the strict regulations enacted by the government. You can learn more about what’s in your food and where it comes from by visiting the OSI website says, David McDonald. They provide a trusted meal to millions of customers worldwide and continue to be the largest food processing plant in North America.

OSI Industries; Executive Leadership

There are several executives among the OSI Industries Ltd., food group that stand out as industry leaders, but David McDonald was recognized in a recent CEOCFO interview with a popular online business magazine. McDonald is a proud graduate of Iowa State University and started out as a Project Manager for the OSI Food Group. He lends over 25 years experience to the food industry with combined education and expertise. He has also worked alongside their stockholders to add to their additional $64.5 billion dollars in assets by extending international portfolio.

McDonald’s Role In The OSI Flagship Acquisition

Flagship Europe is a major part of the large and prosperous EU food industry. They have been able to team up their executives to make the merger a success. In fact, McDonald was at the forefront of their acquisition with Flagship. He was able to initiate the merger with OSI by pointing out the success of the deal means business growth for Europe and was worth an estimated $7.2 million for Flagship. McDonald also was a key member in their effort to acquire the popular Baho Food Group.

Who Is The OSI Industries Food Group

Established since 1993, OSI continues to operate from over 55 worldwide facilities in 16 countries. They pride themselves in having the space and manpower to process food for many major food service groups. They recently were recognized for their 20 year milestone in China along with a successful United States partnership. Get the best out of your hot dogs, meat patties, poultry, pie fillings, frozen chicken wings, desserts, and organic vegetables, when you’re fed from an OSI Food Group diet. Learn more about the OSI Industries and eat from trusted source.

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Whitney Wolfe Does A lot for Business

     When Whitney Wolfe Herd has set up Bumble, she has not only had a vision to improve the lives of women in dating but has also decided that she has wanted to help women in other aspects of their lives. After setting up Bumble, Whitney has set up Bumble BFF. This is to help women find the right friends. Afterwards, she has looked at the business and career world of women and has decided that she wants to set up Bumble Bizz so that women can network and connect together and find some careers that are a great match for their skill set.

With Bumble Bizz, women have the chance to look for other people that have similar goals. One issue that people come across is finding a job that is a match for their skill set and pays well. One of the biggest issues when it comes to looking for work is that people are going to be made aware of the job opening in the field of their desires when it is too late. Fortunately, Bumble Bizz helps women network together so that they will be one of the first people contacted when an opening becomes available. After all, it is not what someone knows as much as it is who she knows.

Bumble Bizz from Whitney Wolfe Herd is also good for helping women find someone that can help her in the case she wants to start a business. Depending on the type of business that one is trying to start, she is going to need some kind of partnership. Is she can find the right partners to get the business going, she can put together a really good business that is not only going to be of great help to her, but many others in her community.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the women that has a dream of overcoming. She is also someone who has overcome some stressful times and has made a good life for herself. Whitney Wolfe Herd is also someone who backs the feminist movements such as #metoo. She really has a lot of dreams for women empowerment.

South Ridge Capital Offers Both Direct Investments And Financial Advice

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm that was formed in 1996. The firm is a collection of investors who have put money into over two hundred and fifty firms with a total of 1.8 billion dollars directly invested. Southridge Capital has helped companies reach a global market by offering longterm financing options and advice.

Southridge Capital distinguishes itself by helping companies find capital that will not burden them with toxic debt. They do this by helping them secure their capital with property, insider shares, and other capital assets. This means that companies can get low rates on their investments while being able to easily restructure their capital debts. Southridge Capital stays with the companies they invest in by helping them improve their credit. They do this by helping them reduce their overall debt burden. A popular way is for the company to issue stocks so investors are purchasing a secured stake in the business. This can help a company increase their overall equity during this process, which allows for it to achieve a faster rate of growth. This company can tailor their investment solutions for each company. This means that it has a higher chance of success, and allows Southridge to fix specific problems.

Southridge Capital is also able to help companies by advising them on their finances. They have qualified corporate accountants who can help a company balance their books and make longterm predictions. They can then help them balance their cash flow while securing short term lines of credit that allows a company to always have the money they need. Southridge Capital can then help companies with extremely complicated processes that most companies don’t have the tools to handle. They can help companies with mergers and acquisitions. They are also able to help companies offer public stock options and enter into foreign stock exchanges. They can even help a company navigate the process of bankruptcy so they can reduce their debt without losing vital assets. All of these attributes means that Southridge Capital can help a company through both their investments and the financial services they offer. Follow their Facebook page.

Malcolm CasSelle; Setting Precedent through Futuristic Innovations

OPSkins is among the companies in the world reaping from the rapidly advancing technology. The firm is a global leader in in-game virtual assets. However, the company is not planning to stop its growth into the unchartered territories. It has set its sight on developing a decentralized marketplace for virtual assets. OPSkins currently leads in the centralized market for virtual assets which has its inherent limitations. The worldwide by users who make cross-border micro-payments have necessitated the need for the decentralized protocol.

OpSkins created WAX a blockchain platform for virtual asset trading. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. Its development is based on blockchain and decentralized smart contracts that enable users to trade virtual assets. At its most basic premise, WAX will solve two significant problems- fragmentation and fraud. The simple blockchain-enabled widget will thus allow users to buy and sell without clicking off their game. WAX has pioneered in the application of blockchains in assisting users tokenizes and operate in a fraud-proof platform.

Users transacting on platforms that do not use common tokens tend to engage intermediaries in facilitating trade. WAX Token will be a common currency that will help eliminate Forex challenges in virtual asset markets. The blockchain technology is powered by Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm. DPOS is a fast, efficient, decentralized, and flexible. The architecture is entirely democratic and decentralized as Guilds are ranked based on the number of votes they receive.

The president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, Malcolm CasSelle is confident that the platform will propel cryptocurrency into the mainstream. He is also the Chief information officer of OPSkins. CasSelle has held prominent positions in other corporates including New Ventures at tronc, Inc. and SeaChange International.

Mr.Malcolm CasSelle holds bachelors and masters in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University respectively. He has been instrumental developing start-ups such as MediaPass, Xfire and Groupon’s joint venture. He co-founded NetNoir, a production website focused on Afrocentric culture, in 1995. It was among the first of its kind. CasSele is an active investor in Bitcoin-related companies and others such as Facebook and Zynga.

Super Pen by O2Pur Releases Soon; E-Cig Market Still Growing

Up until only a few years ago cigarettes had a tight grasp on the nicotine market. The majority of people who picked up smoking chose cigarettes over other forms of smoking tobacco like pipes and cigars. Even the several forms of chewing tobacco took a backseat to cigarettes as the consumer’s nicotine medium of choice.

During the last decade a new contender for nicotine supremacy has popped up: Electronic Cigarettes. Literally hundreds of options for the consumer have showed up almost overnight. The leading names(Reynolds-American and Philip Morris) in tobacco have also joined the electronic cigarette market. Both of those companies have been at the top of the industry for so long, they probably were content in knowing that the company would be successful for centuries to come. Now the companies are scrambling to innovate in an ever changing world.

Despite the time-tested research and recognizable names of Reynolds-American and Philip Morris, if you are looking for to invest in the electronic cigarette you may want to look elsewhere. The two previously mentioned companies may have the best cigarettes in the market, but they got a late start with the newest technology. If you are looking for invest your money in the electronic cigarette market: look towards newer, smaller companies instead of the established names.

With the changing climate of the nicotine market, it is possible that any one of these newer companies could de-thrown the current tobacco giants. One such company is O2Pur.

O2Pur is a company that focuses on entry level consumers. They offer mid-tier vape pens that will give the consumer a good idea of what vaping offers before they shell out the cash for a five-hundred or one-thousand dollar unit.

The Super Pen, for example, has a list price of 119 dollars and comes with everything you need(The pen, charger, and coils) to begin vaping right out of the box. Just add your liquid of choice and press a button. The Super Pen may be O2Pur’s biggest product to date and it hits the market very soon.

O2Pur offers a nice variety of liquids as well. Flavors include Apple, Island Breeze, and Cheesecake. The company offers both nicotine liquids and nicotineless liquids, aiming to reach consumers of all walks of life.

Working a Regular Job: Owning a Business Like Vijay Eswaran and Everything in Between

Income is a very important aspect of one’s life. This is why it is important to have a source of income. Another thing that is important is to have an open mind when it comes to ways to earn money. Most people settle for working a regular job with the hopes of somehow being able to live a luxurious life. Then there are people like Vijay Eswaran who run a business that is constantly growing and changing the world for the better. Fortunately for people, it does not have to be any of the two extremes. One is undesirable while the other is seen as unattainable.

There is something that is in between the two lifestyles. This is being a freelancer. One of the best things about being a freelancer is that one can set his own hours. However, he is still going to have to work whenever a lot of the work is available. The good news is that this can help people get ready for owning a business. This can enable to use some of the principles that Vijay Eswaran has gained. As they build and pursue something they enjoy, then they are going to see true luxury.

Another dream that people may have that Vijay Eswaran can help with is earning money while living a luxurious lifestyle. There are quite a few people who are actually paid to live a lifestyle of luxury. This includes traveling and trying new products. Often times, people review the products that they try so that audiences will know whether to try them or not. Vijay encourages people to make sure that their work is a good representative of who they are. After all, people often assess what a person is by the job he has. Another thing that is a good idea is for a person to have a business that can evolve with the person.