Getting the Best at Corporate Litigation with Ricardo Tosto

Law 13,254 is one that creates a way for the Brazilian lawyers and the foreign lawyers to make technical exchanges. The law is also referred to as the project for regularizing of the assets abroad. Ricardo Tosto, a partner at the law firm Leite, Tosto and Barros, says that the partnership is a positive one. He claims that the law of repatriation of the resources will open a bridge between the foreign and the national attorneys. He also emphasizes that this law took a long process for it to be approved in congress. The initial income rate and fines were both to be at 17.5%. However, after several discussions, Mr. Manoel, Júnior made a new proposal to reduce both these rates to 15%.Ricardo Tosto also highlights that law 13,254 will make it possible for the crimes like money laundering and the tax evasion, to be acquitted.

Only those with severe crimes like corruption and the smuggling of drugs will not receive any amnesty. Ricardo Tosto is an attorney with an unquestionable reputation. He has many years of experience and research that allow him to be at the top of the ranks. He began his career as an attorney in a small office. The company has grown and now is a corporate litigation firm located in Brazil. The focus and dedication he had to his work, allowed him to work with that law firm for just enough time to gain the experience needed to start his law firm. He began a law firm that is now among the well-known in Brazil. The company offers high-quality services in that field.

The services they provide have continued to attract numerous clients leading to significant growth of the firm.Ricardo Tosto is a member of various organizations. He is currently a member of the International Bar Association. The Study Center for Attorney Partnerships also has him as a member of the Board of Directors. Moreover, he is on the Steering Committee and the Consulting Council of Revista dos Tribunals- a publishing house found in Brazil. He also founded the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies (IBEDEP). He is recognized as a writer and has had various articles published in multiple magazines and newspapers.

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Eric Lefkofsky Philanthropic Co-Founder Of Chicago Based Businesses

Eric Lefkofsky developed and co-founded a tech firm called Tempus that recently received an eighty million dollar grant to continue customizing data for cancer patients. Tempus personalizes the data that is collected for cancer patients; this data helps to customize the treatment options for these patients. Eric Lefkofsky is also the co-founder of popular savings side Groupon. Groupon features deals where consumers can acquire lodging or products for a fraction of the cost if they purchased them directly from a hotel or store front. Groupon was founded in 2015 and its surge in popularity has earned it over $210 million in investments. He is also the co-founder of Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics.

Tempus has acquired over $1.1 billion in value which is a rare claim to fame for many Chicago based businesses. A $1 billion dollar value puts Tempus at a rare “unicorn” value in the windy city. In addition to a large net value, Tempus also employs over four hundred employees. Tempus is very dedicated in expanding their research with their driven team of professionals. Their team of experts collects molecular data from cancer patients to customize their treatment plans. Doctor’s hand written data on patients can also be digitized and stored in the Tempus data base.

Erik also has a philanthropic heart. Erik and his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which helps give back to their communities. They make large monetary donations to contribute to local education. Erik serves as a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, World Business Chicago and the Chicago Art Institute. Erik Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and he earned his Juris Doctor from the U of M’s Law School. He has authored Accelerated Disruption and currently is a professor at the University of Chicago.

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Contributions of David McDonald in OSI Group

David attended Lowa State University where he graduated in 1987 with animal science bachelor’s degree and Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior award. After graduating David McDonald joined OSI Industries in Chicago, and this is where he began his career. He worked in OSI Industries till he became the chief operating officer and the president. His great concern was in exploiting the resources with the aim of impacting the State of Lowa. David is nimble towards the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, and this made him organize a trip for students to OSI facilities situated in China in 2011. One of the students was able to secure a job in that company. Also, OSI provides internship for the students, and it is planning to open more internship opportunities in future.

Through the scholarship funding, David McDonald helps the Alpha Gamma Rho. One of the people who were at the front line of supporting the AGR house of the Lowa State during the fundraising campaign was David McDonald. Another role that MacDonald played was giving a name to the Marvin J. Water, the AGR Fraternity Arena which is in the latest Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Students Learning Center. As well he dedicates his time serving the St. Michael Parish found in Wheaton, and he also works in the American Meat Institute’s board of directors as the chairman. In 2004, David received the award of ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni, and this marked a robust relationship with the association of the alumni. The OSI Group has extended to more countries such as Hungary and Geneva through the leadership of MacDonald.

Latest in China, there was the opening of the two poultry processing facilities that have been well prepared to becoming the biggest poultry products producer in the country. Among the accomplishments, there is the construction of some flesh processing plants for the frozen foods and beef in India and Poland respectively. The OSI Group of David through the acquisition has led to an expansion of the ability and market of the company. The Baho Food is the current acquisition, and it is a Dutch food processing firm that usually operates in Germany and Netherlands. According to David McDonald, in the European Market, the OSI Group will broaden because of the acquisition of that company. David McDonald promised to maintain the workers of the Baho Food since their professionalism and experience are vital in product portfolio widening and promoting the service delivery of the OSI Group.

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Achievements And Accomplishments Of Peter Briger

Peter Briger has a vast experience in the financial industry that makes him to fit appropriately to the senior positions that he had served in various companies. Mr. Briger is the principal and co-chairperson of the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group Company. In his career lifetime, Mr. Peter has been able to accomplish a lot that has led to his success. For over fifteen years he served with Goldman Sachs where he was privileged to attend several committees such as Asian Management Committee and even Japan Executive Committee. Still while working with Goldman, he had some senior management positions with renowned companies where he served well by executing is duties as required.

In 2002, Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group as a committee member, and with time he took topmost management positions. The firm is leading in asset management with the help of Peter’s leadership. The company is not at the place it was back in 2002 when Peter joined instead it has magnificently grown and developed. For this reason, it is evident that Peter is positively impacting the industry in helping it achieve its both short and long-term goals.

Also, Peter Briger went to Princeton University where he studied Bachelor of Arts and later enrolled to the University of Pennsylvania and earned his M.BA from Wharton School of Business. In this regard, Mr. Peter had an opportunity to serve on the board of directors in the Princeton University Investment Company. It was the passion and determination of peter to offer quality services to customers and make them happy for their financial investments businesses. All the staff members working with Peter attests that the leadership offered is satisfying and pleasing.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that Peter Briger likes a lot of philanthropic works. Therefore, he generously offers donations to support charitable organizations so that they can meet their goals in life with a lot of ease. There are people in the community that have no resources to access better education or food due to the poverty and through the support and organizations that he serves ensure that poverty is eliminated in the society. Also, people can have access to quality services that will improve their way of living. Additionally, Peter is among the Forbes Top 400 entrepreneurs that are successful in the United States. Mr. Peter has been in the forefront of encouraging and motivating investors to invest wisely.

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Larkin and Lacey Continue To Fight For the Respect of Minority Rights

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started off by reporting on issues that touched on students and the area politics. Their first newspaper issue was driven by the desire to keep students at Arizona State University updated regarding several topical issues.

The two happen to have been students at the University, although they both did not complete their studies. After realizing that they could use their journalism talent to eke a living, they transformed a paper that was primarily meant for student readership into a commercial concern.

Larkin and Lacey Confront Lawlessness in Maricopa County

Like any good journalists, Larkin and Lacey were always seeking stories that could capture the interest of their readers. They tried as professional as it gets with their journalistic reports. Larkin and Lacey published articles touching on the activities of the Maricopa County at the tie. He was revered to be America’s toughest Sherriff yet.

However, behind the toughness, there apparently seemed to be malice and a hatred for minorities. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had published articles relating to the activities of the Maricopa County officials, touching on the illegal arrests of minorities without regard to their rights, the embezzlement practices that were rife at the offices and lots more.

Unfortunately, someone was rattled from their skin and was willing to go all the way to frustrate the efforts by the two journalists to restore respect for the rights of all; minorities or not. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Mr. Joe Arpaio was the Maricopa County Sheriff then. He sent his goons to go and arrest the two journalists under the guise that the journalists had revealed Jury secrets to the public. The case turned hot, and soon the courts released the two journalists unconditionally. It was reported that Arpaio had accused the two of spilled the beans of Jury investigation.

It turned out that while Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were publishing stories, even relating to the jury, the Jury was, apparently also investigating them. Larkin and Lacey had the last laugh in the case. They soon sued the County Sheriff in a case that saw the federal courts award the two journalists with $3.7 million, paid by Joe Arpaio.

The Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is a product of Larkin and Lacey’s decision to direct the money that Arpaio paid, to starting an outfit that would protect the rights of the minorities. The Frontera Fund has its headquarters in Arizona. It is commonly engaged in protecting minorities.

Larkin and Lacey did not want any other immigrant to be subjected to the same treatment they had received in the hands of the Maricopa County officials when they were innocent.

The Frontera Fund is involved in guiding immigrants on how to get the right paperwork, even as it offers to represent minorities in lawsuits that it believes are an orchestrated effort to trample on the rights of the minorities.

Jim and Michael have continued to be critics of the former Maricopa County Sheriff. They were recently surprised and angered by the action of President Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio.

The Outstanding Banking Career Of Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi has four decades of experience in the banking industry. This includes some of the leading and prominent international banks. His specialties include investment banking, private banking, corporate banking and advisory businesses. He has placed his focus on the cross border transactions between India and Europe. Anil Chaturvedi is extremely well educated. In 1971 he received his Economics B.A. with honors from the Meerut University in India. His education then took him to Delhi University’s Delhi School of Economics where he earned his M.B.A. in 1973.

Since then, Anil Chaturvedi has worked in numerous prestigious positions including his service to the State Bank of India as a Branch Manager, New York City’s ANZ Grindlays Bank and the North American Country Head. Anil Chaturvedi currently works for Switzerland’s Hinduja Bank as the Private Banking Managing Director. His work at Hinduja is in the development of corporate advisory businesses. This involves the facilitation of strategic cross border alliances between corporations located in Asia, the United States, Europe and India, restructuring and selling distressed assets, mergers and acquisitions, raising capital from both international organizations and institutional investors and credit syndication.

Anil Chaturvedi previously worked for the leading private banker Merrill Lynch. His responsibilities were the coverage of global Indians located in Europe, the United States, India and Asia. He specialized in investment solutions custom made for individuals with an extremely high net worth. Anil Chaturvedi headed the operations of ANZ Grindlays Bank. His responsibilities included marketing, product development, compliance issues, regulatory issues, creating a profitable bank model and the development of leadership skills.

Anil Chaturvedi’s work for the State Bank of India included the implementation and strategic planning for marketing strategies. This was designed to capture the business of Indians living in the United States that were non residents. His implementation and marketing strategies were highly effective. They resulted in more than $500 million in new business for the bank within a period of four years. This led to him being honored with an award for Man of the Year. In addition to his experience and expertise in banking, he is fluent in Hindu, Gujerati, Punjabi and is currently learning to speak French.

Meet Milan Kordestani, a young innovator and founder of Milan Farms

Often, professionals insist that when it comes to success, age is just a number. One doesn’t have to attain a certain age to achieve a specific milestone. Today, they are hundreds of individuals, even at the young age coming up with ideas that have positively impacted the world. The technology field is one of the few industries enjoying the innovations that hit the market frequently. Concerning the age, Milan Kordestani is one of the few young but successful innovators worth mentioning.

At the age of 19, Milan Kordestani is a CEO of his own company, Milan Farms. Milan resides in Bay Area, California. However, his name is prominent around the country. Milan is a contributor at the Huffington Post, specializing in the fields of agriculture, politics and mental health. One interesting thing is that he is one of the few teens in the industry with much interests in niches such as agriculture and politics.

Milan is a student at Colorado College. Before, he schooled at the Sacred Heart Preparatory where he ranked 3rd at the world’s horse show. Besides, Milan’s career with Huffington Post as a writer began during his high school times. It was during his journey to quench his thirst for agriculture that he launched Milan Farms, a backyard farm making a run for the profits in agriculture while maintaining humane and non-GMO standards.

About Milan Farms

Milan Farms was launched in 2015. As stated earlier, Milan came up with the idea in the quest to provide a humane and organic system to raise poultry and growing whole-pure saffron. Currently, the farm offers saffron, mint and organic eggs to the market and has been received with open arms. According to Milan, the idea was to give an honest option to the product consumers, and that’s why they use transparency to raise their animals.

Milan and his team firmly believe that a consumer has the right to know precisely about the products and that’s why they continue to avail realistic options for the consumer. Currently, Milan is researching hydroponic and aquaponic systems as an additional to drip irrigation that they use to grow saffron. Besides, the successful CEO is working on an app set to launch late in the year. The mobile application will be a significant milestone in Milan’s career because it will boost his market and convenience to the consumers.

Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in the year 1974 in Tehran, Iran. He is also a celebrated American-Iran entrepreneur. Shervin Pishevar is a true investor and businessman. So far, he has achieved so much with Silicon Valley heavyweights like Airbnb and Uber. During his tenure as a manager at Menlo Ventures, Shervin led the Series B Uber to a whole new level.

He later decided to leave the company and went on to start his own business. Shervin Pishevar’s company, Investment companys has since shifted its primary focus on demand space and have gathered over $650 million under its management. Pishevar’s much-hyped transportation company Hyperloop One is facing immense pressure. It’s yet awaiting to complete its public demonstration in the coming days. The company recently settled a nasty court battle with its employees. Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of Hyperloop one. Currently, Shervin serves as its executive chairman. Additionally, Shervin Pishevar is also an investor in Warby Parker, Didi, Dollar shave club, postmasters and slack among others.

Shervin Pishevar migrated to the US while he was still a young boy. He was born to two parents. His father was called Abraham Pishevar, while his mother was Eshrat Pishevar. Abraham Pishevar worked at a local media station in Tehran, Iran. He worked as a radio and television executive manager. Later on, Abraham noticed that his name was placed on Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. Abraham, together with his colleagues, was accused of broadcasting content that somehow aided residents of Iran to leave Iran to other foreign nations.

Abraham was very shocked. He had to think of a plan. So Abraham relocated to the US. When he arrived in the States, he worked as a cab driver. He operated at Silver Spring in Maryland. Eighteen months later, Abraham Pishevar was joined by his family in the States.

While still in Tehran, Abraham Pishevar had already completed his masters in Mass Communication. Still working as a cab driver, Abraham managed to cater for his family and also saved some money for his education. He joined the University of Howard where he graduated with a PhD in Mass Communication.

The Success of Ara Chackerian’s Career

Ara Chackerian has come thus far because of a motto he always uses. According to him, experiences motivate ideas, and people should engage life to get them. Ara chose a path that directly adds value to people and their health. Today, Ara is viewed as an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Currently, he is the managing partner at ASC Holdings and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions.

Ara Chackerian’s passion lies in the healthcare industry. ASC is a company that invests in startup healthcare companies. ASC supports these companies to help them grow and thrive. Through the success of such companies, they contribute to increasing healthcare delivery to the people. Partly, Chackerian’s objective is fulfilled by these companies. TMS Solutions avail transcranial magnetic simulation to depression patients. This treatment is an alternative to patients not responding to therapy and medication treatments. You can visit for more details.


Some of the companies Ara has participated in building are Embion/Provider Links, Pipeline Rx and BMC Diagnostics. For some companies, he agrees to become a board member. Besides investment and entrepreneurship, Ara is keen on the environment. Part of his philanthropy is in environmental conservation. For example, he has financed a reforestation project in Nicaragua. Ara also believes in the young generation and their potential. He supports several youth empowerment projects.



Chackerian is currently looking into digital health and telemedicine. These technologies will play a significant role in enhancing healthcare. For example, depressed patients always change their communication sequence. Algorithms could be utilized to detect this change and hence, it will be easy to assess the patient. This technology will assist in understanding human behavior.

One essential advice Ara Chackerian always has is business people ought to choose the right partners. Sometimes succeeding requires merging with other people. Nevertheless, select these people wisely because they could lead to success or failure. The ideal partners will help an entrepreneur thrive and meet many opportunities. On the other hand, poor choice of partners will lead to losses and hence, failure. Ara Chackerian is often seeking new ventures and new knowledge to become a better businessman. This counsel is also suitable for upcoming entrepreneurs and investors. For more info you can check their twitter account.



Graham Edwards’ Telereal and The Value of Work That’s Rooted Beyond Profit

It is a natural thing for any company or business leader to find ways to increase its profit margins. It is essential for a company to not only make sure that these profit margins are sustainable, but are also derived in the most ethical ways possible.

In the case of Graham Edwards, a CPS Research Fellow, the drive to increase profit margins, money and the increased payoff is not the end. It should be beyond money. Most of us are familiar with the idea of doing it for not just monetary reasons, but the fact that Graham Edwards showed it in actions by joining as the Chairman of a New Housing Policy Group means that he can understand that effects are better than words (


The Actions Today

We read from the official website of CPS that it is now expanding its policy studies to what they call the New Generation initiative. It’s hard to put in simple terms what this initiative would be like, but simply put, it is a fantastic way to create new strategies, innovation and other significant efforts to address the pressing, most demanding and most challenging public policy problems today.

The New Generation project would like to propose radical and brave ideas into the policy structures of any state. The four major policy programmes today of New Generation are all focused on text and cost of living, housing, and planning, as well as welfare and business enterprise. There should be a lot of things that would make it easy for people like Graham Edwards to deliver the best performance in this kind of service, but what gives him the drive to address the challenges he has today is his dedication for public service.


About Graham Edwards

Mr. Edwards is the CEO of Telereal since 2001. His position in the company has led to the creation of policies and programs that help stamp Telereal into the limelight. Graham Edwards’s expertise is also necessary for creating the expansion of the company, which is called Telereal Trillium.

One of the most remarkable things that Graham Edwards did for Telereal was the fact that he led the negotiations that gave him the power to acquire Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc.