Preventing Crime with the Help of the Securus Technologies System

I work in the busiest jail in our state, and even working 60 hours a week, I have a hard time being able to stay ahead of the inmates and their attempts to game the system. Despite the officers being outnumbered 4:1, these inmates have all the time in the world to plan things while we only have a few hours a day. These inmates are in that jail 168 hours a week compared to an officer working a 40-hour week.


We have several resources at our disposal to help keep the inmates in line, but they seem to always stay quite a distance ahead of us when it comes to getting drugs into the jail. Our first line of defense is screening and inspecting each person that comes to visit the inmates. These inspections usually result in us taking some of the drugs out of the jail, but we learned it is barely making a dent.


Even after that, we surprise inmates daily with cell inspections. Even with dogs working with us, we only find what the inmates want us to find. The inmates have become very clever at keeping the majority of the contraband away from us.


When Securus Technologies installed the new inmate communication system, we decided to put it to the test right out of the gate. I was trained on the LBS software, and instantly began hearing chatter from inmates who thought they were still able to conduct business as usual but were in for a huge surprise.


Not only did the LBS software help us to discover how the drugs are getting in the jail, but who is using them, where they are hiding them, and sources that are bringing them to the jail. We cut this snake off at the head and the amount of drugs in our jail has been reduced significantly.