‘Relentless’ Commitment To Excellence Drives National Steel Car

When Gregory J. Aziz took the helm of Canada’s National Steel Car in 1994, the venerable rolling stock manufacturer was putting out some 3,500 train cars per year. By 1999, it was cranking out astounding 12,000 units per year. Company employment expanded from 600 jobs to 3,000.


Certainly, this remarkable blossoming of a solid and respected transportation infrastructure company into a world-class, A-List manufacturing firm can only be attributed to one man — Greg Aziz.


While Greg Aziz would be the first to give credit to the group of talented people he surrounds himself with, it’s the leadership from the very top that sets the tone, creates the vision and engenders the corporate culture that makes a company what it is.


Greg Aziz came to National Steel Car in 1994 with a mission and a vision — to be the best — period. None can argue he has not achieved that goal. Today in Canada, and indeed across much of North America, National Steel Car is recognized as one of the world’s most remarkable “go-to” entities the transportation industry relies upon for the basic infrastructure of train and train cars.


Gregory James Aziz is a native of Hamilton, Ontario, the headquarter-city of National Steel Car. He grew up there and got his start in his family’s wholesale food distribution business, Affiliated Foods. After studying economics at the University of Western Ontario, he went to work and transformed Affiliated Foods from a local family-run operation to a national player. It was an excellent training ground for a man who still had much bigger dreams.


A significant era in the arc of Greg Aziz’s career was working in the banking sector of New York. Here Mr. Aziz deepened his understanding of finance as it relates to complex business models. His banking experience would prove invaluable when it came time to organize a buyout of National Steel Car in 1994.


From the first moment he sat in National Steel Car CEO chair, Greg Aziz was determined that one of Canada’s longest-running rolling stock companies would become one of the world’s best. Greg Aziz accomplished that with a “relentless focus on excellence in engineering” and an unstoppable “commitment to quality.” Read This Article to learn more.


Gregory Aziz is always quick to add that it has been the “quality of his people” that has been the main driving factor behind the spectacular rise of National Steel Car.


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