Ricardo Tosto And The Legal Profession In Brazil

The legal system in Brazil has mainly been borrowed from the Portuguese who were the colonizers of Portugal. Brazil currently has the third highest number of lawyers in the world. It is only lower than the United States and India. The number of law schools in the country is, however, the biggest in the whole world. In fact, the number of law schools in Brazil is higher than the number of all law schools in the world which has everything to do with the country ranking as one of the countries with a high number of lawyers. The highest number of lawyers in the country are in Sao Paulo, where the first law school in country was established. 30 percent of lawyers in Brazil operate from Sao Paulo. Brazil has borrowed slightly from the Germans and the French in creating their laws.

Brazil laws can be complex and complicated for people who do not have training as lawyers. It is, therefore, necessary to hire the services of professionals who understand what the law says while in the country. With the high number of lawyers in the country, it is necessary to ensure that you have the right lawyer for job. Despite the country’s high number of lawyers, a majority of them have not been accredited by the bar association to offer legal services.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the lawyers who have a great career as a lawyer in the country. He has experience as a lawyer which enables him to litigate matters of law with ease. He has a reputation of serving his clients better than other lawyers. The main reason he is doing well as a lawyer is because of training he has gone through. Ricardo Tosto has a great understanding of law, and that is why many big organizations will come to him when looking for representation.

Ricardo Tosto is ranked among the top business lawyers in Latin America. He has previously worked with various corporations as well as authoring a number of books and articles on legal matters. Ricardo Tosto is clearly, a go-to lawyer when looking for legal representation in Brazil.

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