Samuel Strauch Has Made A Positive Difference In The World With Focus And Solid Thinking

Samuel Strauch started Metrik Holdings with a vision. He saw how quickly Miami was growing and the opportunities the growth presented. He believe a real estate company would capitalize on the transformation the city was undergoing.

Samuel Strauch is placing his companies focus on the way people travel, work and live. His investment strategy involves projects, companies and industries that are adaptable for the future generations. He likes the way individuals are traveling and believes the millennials show a different pace in society.

Samuel Strauch has an expert reputation that has been built over time. His referral base is strong and has helped his company succeed. People trust him and the results he achieves. Samuel Strauch has the ability to shift with the market and provide positive results.

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Samuel Strauch is looking to the future and planning accordingly. He sees the shift in the way people are thinking and applies this to his investments, business and real estate. He plans to start numerous ventures in the hospitality field and feels technology is an important aspect.

Metrik Real Estate is a lot more than just a company to Samuel Strauch. He feels socially responsible to provide results and profits for his partners, investors and clients. His philosophy is the creation of growth both within and outside of his company. Samuel Strauch believes his employees, clients and partners need growth as well and being social responsible is critical. Providing fundraising and proper education is a top priority for him because he feels positive psychology allows individuals to live better lives and attain happiness. He wants to make a positive difference in the interaction between individuals and their environment. He says the key is taking the time to understand people’s dreams and principles. When you can understand a persons culture you can make a substantial difference.