Securus Technologies Automates Inmate Application Processes

Also, the amount of paper prison facilities have to invest in to be able to provide the necessary forms for detainees is quite large. I haven’t exactly done the calculations, but they are no doubt astronomical. Securus Technologies Inc must have come to a similar conclusion because they found a way to reduce these costs and save time by automating these processes. Now inmates can access grievance applications and inmate forms online through the ConnectUs platform. Processes that would take hours such as the distribution, copying, filing, logging, and archiving of paper documents are now uncomplicated, making for a more productive staff.

The Convenience of ConnectUs

Securus’ ConnectUs platform is an automated feature that offers a wide variety of communications solution for inmates across the US. The provider of jail management, parolee tracking, and detainee communication services has always worked to incorporate the latest technologies and concepts in all their solutions. With ConnectUs, the correctional industry has been able to provide inmates with communication features such as email, video chats, phone calls, and video visitation without inconveniences.

Efficient Systems

The addition of inmate forms and grievance applications to this platform serves to improve the efficiency of operations in numerous facilities. Improved efficiency means saving money, which is something that prison facilities need. With automatic logging and filing of forms and applications, a prison officer can find what they need in a matter of seconds. Cases of applications getting delayed due to problematic filing and archiving are over. Correctional facilities will also have better control of what inmates have access to by monitoring the ConnectUs platform.

Securus Technologies Inc is responsible for a majority of the communication and administration solutions for the prison systems, law enforcement agencies, and justice systems across the US, Mexico, and Canada.

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