Sensational Drummer, Cassio Audi’s Music, Beats a Great Untold Tale

Cassio Audi is recalled for his incredible drummer skills and talents in Brazil in the year 1980s. He was applauded for being innovational and conforming his set and keys perfectly to the rhythms of the music, especially hip hop genre. The young drummer, Cassio Audi was an important asset to the Viper band that hit the Brazilian music industry by storm in his time and stint as a band member.

The soldiers of sunrise were done 1n 1987. He played a pivotal role in its success noting the band had emerged from some serious internal wrangles, which the drummer is recognized as having helped resolve. The song remained a hit in Brazil and globally for what many hip hop lovers attributed to fashionable, stylistic and appealing drum beats that pushed them into the dance floor.

His friendly demeanor and electrifying personality were a great resource to the band. “He knew what to to do and when to do it,” reported one of the band members. This was especially incredible noting his age at that time.

Cassio Audi ephemeral music career lives to be recalled in the band to this day such that every new drummer struggles to put themselves in his shoes, and all the drummer who has come after him have cited him as their inspiration and role model

Several other songs that Cassio Audi did in the band were, Law of the sword, Killera, Signs of the night, Knight of Destruction, Nightmares, and The Whipper. These songs are available online on youtube in the album Soldiers of Sunrise. These songs were one of the most listened songs in Brazil in that time and helped propel the viper Band to high levels of popularity and fame.