Susan Mcgalla Provides Strong Business Tips for Women

Susan Mcgalla is someone that people need to pay attention to. She has become a serious business professional that is helping anyone that is really interested in rising to the top as a CEO. Susan has the experience with information to provide because she has been in a CEO position. She has been in the position of CEO more than once. This makes her an authority on rising in the ranks for this type of position.

Susan McGalla really has a lot to say when it comes to women that are in the business world. She knows that the playing field is not designed to cater to giving women an advantage. She realizes that there is not even a level of equality in the playing field when it comes to getting one of these rare positions. There are less than 30% of corporate America that has women that hold the position of CEO. There are probably less than 10% of women that have ever risen to the ranks of CEO for two different companies. Susan Mcgalla has the ability to say that she fits within this small group.

She knows the retail clothing industry very well, and this has given her a great amount of respect by those women that are trying to get to where she has been in her career. Right now she is the creative developer for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and much of her work comes down to the retail clothing that the Pittsburgh Steelers fans purchase. This is another great area where Susan Mcgalla is able to flex her skills as a retail clothing expert.

She knew a lot about the marketing process and how clothes could be promoted for previous companies where she had the position of CEO. It was during her time with Wet Seal and American Eagle when she became the leader of companies where marketing clothing was vital. She continued to build her career and gained a lot of respect for creating powerful business ventures. Susan Mcgalla has also worked for herself as a marketing business consultant when she started her own business.