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Law 13,254 is one that creates a way for the Brazilian lawyers and the foreign lawyers to make technical exchanges. The law is also referred to as the project for regularizing of the assets abroad. Ricardo Tosto, a partner at the law firm Leite, Tosto and Barros, says that the partnership is a positive one. He claims that the law of repatriation of the resources will open a bridge between the foreign and the national attorneys. He also emphasizes that this law took a long process for it to be approved in congress. The initial income rate and fines were both to be at 17.5%. However, after several discussions, Mr. Manoel, Júnior made a new proposal to reduce both these rates to 15%.Ricardo Tosto also highlights that law 13,254 will make it possible for the crimes like money laundering and the tax evasion, to be acquitted.

Only those with severe crimes like corruption and the smuggling of drugs will not receive any amnesty. Ricardo Tosto is an attorney with an unquestionable reputation. He has many years of experience and research that allow him to be at the top of the ranks. He began his career as an attorney in a small office. The company has grown and now is a corporate litigation firm located in Brazil. The focus and dedication he had to his work, allowed him to work with that law firm for just enough time to gain the experience needed to start his law firm. He began a law firm that is now among the well-known in Brazil. The company offers high-quality services in that field.

The services they provide have continued to attract numerous clients leading to significant growth of the firm.Ricardo Tosto is a member of various organizations. He is currently a member of the International Bar Association. The Study Center for Attorney Partnerships also has him as a member of the Board of Directors. Moreover, he is on the Steering Committee and the Consulting Council of Revista dos Tribunals- a publishing house found in Brazil. He also founded the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies (IBEDEP). He is recognized as a writer and has had various articles published in multiple magazines and newspapers.

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