Wes Edens and his Excellent Contributions at Fortress Group

Fortress Investment Group was founded mainly to manage assets for its clients, and it has over $67.5 billion worth of assets. The investment firm publicly trades on the New York Stock Exchange Market. Wesley Edens popularly known as Wes is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group. The firm mainly deals with Private Equity investments, and he is the Chief Investment Officer of the organisation and also the president of Private Equity. Edens has served as the Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment since December 2017. Wes Edens together with the other partners at Fortress have been of good leadership in the organization, and this is evident because of its growth since it was founded.

Wes had previously worked at other organisations such as California Bank and also got a position as a Managing Director with Lehman Brothers. He later joined another financial agency called BlackRock where he created his first Private Equity fund, and this saw him get into Fortress Group. Wes Edens has also been featured on the Forbes list of billionaires with an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion. He is at position 962 on the Forbes list. The stock dividends from Fortress earn Wes Edens his annual income of $54.4 million. Wes also owns around 63 million shares in the Fortress Group. Wes actively participates in charity events and donations to several foundations such as the Quincy Jones and William J. Clinton Foundation.

Edens also co-owns Milwaukee Bucks which is a basketball association. He studied at the Oregon State University where he got a degree in Business Administration and Finance. The Wall Street Journal described this new venture as creative because it will build businesses for investments. Wes Edens and his partners were able to trade the company for the first time in 2007 publicly. Within no tie, the company had investments such as hedge funds, private equity funds and this helped the company as it went public. Under the leadership of Wes Edens, Fortress group created FlyQuest which participates in the league of legends in North America.


Performance of Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group has been proud to work with the clients and to provide them the great opportunity of making more cash. They work hard towards offering the clients the best experience in investment. The Fortress firm also ensures that from it the customers receive exactly what they require when they are operating their businesses. The Fortress Investment Group being an investment firm, it well understands how vital it is to make money. Therefore, they equip their clients with the necessary skills they require so that they invest their cash in the right manner. The fundamental goal of the Fortress is to ensure that they offer people optimistic experience without minding the problems occurring in the world of investment.

The fact that the Fortress company value their clients makes them know how they can maintain those clients. They show the clients what they can do to bring about change, and the things will take place when they accurately perform it all. The desire of the Fortress company is helping the clients realize the change they can bring. Also, they make them know that they are taken care of rightly. For this reason, offering brilliant customer service is their primary goal. Because of their devotion to the customer service, the company does its best to sustain an extensive social media presence. Their pride lies in helping people to know the manner in which they manage to benefit from the business as well as what will enable them to identify the best option for investments.

Fortress Investment Group also shares motivating information regarding the industry and the most straightforward manner for the Fortress to do that is making use of the social media. As the Fortress is available on the social media account until now, it tries to deliver to people what they are searching. Operating the social media account properly is what will help the Fortress Investment Group offer a great experience to their clients. Fortress is run by three principals namely; Randal Nardone who is a founder and CEO. Peter Briger, whose work is to supervise the Fortress Credit division that is devoted to real estate and credit businesses. Wes Edens, whose work in the Fortress firm is mainly in the Private Equity division, it was the heart business after Fortress was formed in the year 1998. Through the combination of their experience, they have contributed a lot to the growth of the company.