Philanthropist Adam Milstein Pens Criticism of Left Radical/Islamist Alliance

Adam Milstein is perhaps best known as a activist, successful real estate developer, online podcaster and high profile philanthropist whose creation of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, helps to strengthen the ties between The United States of America and the state of Israel, to better aid Jewish and American relations and the general state of the Jewish people, regardless of which country they are in. However, Adam Milstein is also highly politically cognizant and active and is additionally a writer of considerable talent who recently wrote an article for the Jewish political website, Jewish News Syndicate (JNS).

In his article, titled, “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide,” Adam Milstein lays out some historical instances of the peculiar and yet longstanding alliance between far-left progressive political activists and extremists and Islamist supremacists and militants. Some of the examples he notes include US politician and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders’ close ties to UK politician and anti-Israel proponent, Jeremy Corbyn, the relationship of American progressive feminists and the Sharia Law advocate, Linda Sarsour, as well as the overthrow of the Persian Shah in Iran, which occurred due to a coalition of leftists and theocratic Islamic radicals.

Adam Milstein believes that, because of the long and storied history of the aforementioned proclivity towards such alliances, the issue is not merely a harmless trend or bizarre anomaly. Rather he believes that such political coalitions pose a dire threat to Jewish Americans as well as the Jews of Israel. According to Milstein, the danger is not merely contained in the beliefs themselves but in the mainstreaming thereof; for instance, the BDS movement which seeks a boycott of Israel and a defense of the Palestinian people from what they view as a oppressive and destructive regime, once fringe, is now quite widely accepted by many American far-left or radical left institutions, individuals, outlets and movements.