Louis Chenevert is Taking his Career to New Heights

Louis R. Chenevert is known for being a Canadian businessman. A few career positions that he has been known to hold is being both the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman for United Technologies Corporation. Another Role that he is known to have held is being the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Chenevert’s life all started out with him being born in a place called Montreal, Quebec. Once he got up older he decided that he wanted to further his education so that he could grow his career. So he attended HEC Montreal and proudly received his bachelor of business administration degree in the field of production management. This happened to of been a Business School that was affiliated with the University of Montreal.

One of Chenevert’s first jobs was at Pratt & Whitney Canada, where he worked in 1993. Prior to working at Pratt & Whitney, however, he worked 14 years for General Motors. Then in 1999 Chenevert was proudly named as being the President of Pratt & Whitney.

It was in March of 2006 that he decided that it was time for his next career move so he joined United Technologies Corporation. Through this corporation, he worked as being the president, chief operating officer and also as their director. However, in 2008 he stepped in as being the company’s CEO and then became the company’s Chairman of the Board later in 2010. Through holding all of these different positions at United Technologies Corporation, he ended up learning a lot that he was able to take with him into the rest of his career. Chenevert stated that if it was not for all of his accomplishments that he had made in his career that he would not be anywhere near where he is today career wise.