Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in the year 1974 in Tehran, Iran. He is also a celebrated American-Iran entrepreneur. Shervin Pishevar is a true investor and businessman. So far, he has achieved so much with Silicon Valley heavyweights like Airbnb and Uber. During his tenure as a manager at Menlo Ventures, Shervin led the Series B Uber to a whole new level.

He later decided to leave the company and went on to start his own business. Shervin Pishevar’s company, Investment companys has since shifted its primary focus on demand space and have gathered over $650 million under its management. Pishevar’s much-hyped transportation company Hyperloop One is facing immense pressure. It’s yet awaiting to complete its public demonstration in the coming days. The company recently settled a nasty court battle with its employees. Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of Hyperloop one. Currently, Shervin serves as its executive chairman. Additionally, Shervin Pishevar is also an investor in Warby Parker, Didi, Dollar shave club, postmasters and slack among others.

Shervin Pishevar migrated to the US while he was still a young boy. He was born to two parents. His father was called Abraham Pishevar, while his mother was Eshrat Pishevar. Abraham Pishevar worked at a local media station in Tehran, Iran. He worked as a radio and television executive manager. Later on, Abraham noticed that his name was placed on Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. Abraham, together with his colleagues, was accused of broadcasting content that somehow aided residents of Iran to leave Iran to other foreign nations.

Abraham was very shocked. He had to think of a plan. So Abraham relocated to the US. When he arrived in the States, he worked as a cab driver. He operated at Silver Spring in Maryland. Eighteen months later, Abraham Pishevar was joined by his family in the States.

While still in Tehran, Abraham Pishevar had already completed his masters in Mass Communication. Still working as a cab driver, Abraham managed to cater for his family and also saved some money for his education. He joined the University of Howard where he graduated with a PhD in Mass Communication.

Jordan Lindsey & the smell of coin

At the level of mastery, one is able to imagine then bring to fruition. For instance, a master chef can smell a dish while blindfolded and replicate it even without having tasted it. Jordan Lindsey, then, is a master chef of finance. And what he’s visualized and brought to market as the founder of BitCoin Growth Bot and JCL Capital has the mouths watering of many a novice investor. A new generation not of your grandma’s old money. A millenial jetset who live in the fantasy world they thrive to create and do prefer.

Forex, a global trading juncture for which Jordan Lindsey designed Metatrader-4 software, plays as a fantasy team that puts out, perhaps as tribute to his youthful days competing in sports while growing up in New York. Forex, using JCL Capital’s Microsoft tools, is the envy of every creditor that’s ever toiled over the worthiness of one possible client. While s/he pushes a pile of papers seven to eighteen pages deep, Jordan Lindsey draws up one white paper and stacks up profit for everyone.

What Forex and Metatrader-4 represent is the aroma of success borne of the algorithm of expectation. They represent the compunction to not just accept reality but the willingness to drive it cart before the horse. Where traditional banking starts from a base actuality and works toward monthly, financial goals, Jordan Lindsey and Metatrader-4 assume a reality and draft it up like the ending of a Stephen J. Cannell blockbuster film. Except, this is just the beginning. And unlike the secret USA/UK federal reserve commission meetings of times past, everyone is just a PC, tablet, mobile device and internet connection away from collective participation.

Having analyzed the stock market, Jordan Lindsey encapsulated the necessary statistics and relational changes per volume consistent with growth profit and, with the heated flourish of ingredients no longer able to be extracted unto their own characteristics, created an avenue for wealth that defies traditional banking or regulation. Nevertheless, both China and the USA/UK central bank have applied certain limitations to this imaginary currency citing causation of economic instability. Clearly, JCL Capital and its investors remain nonplussed (that is, in the American sense), choosing the directed projection of their Initial Coin Offerings over the meteorologic predictions of IPOs.

Perhaps his inescapable penchant toward productive creativity is what also drives his love of family and fatherhood. Having met his wife while on a volunteer missions trip to Bosnia, she and Jordan Lindsey recently welcomed their third daughter into the world. He explains how one of his long-term goals is to amass enough wealth to fund the living and missions expenses of those who have taken the vow of poverty. Another is to help everyone in the world gain access to the ability to carve their daily life such that it is amenable to raising one’s children full-time without the fear of financial ruin or hunger.

He explains how heartfelt his estimation is of the necessity to intentionally spend exorbitant amounts of time playing with, guiding and learning from our mini-me’s. His wife agrees wholeheartedly. Residing in San Francisco, he’s lived abroad in Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Mexico. And while we may not know yet whether or not any of their daughters will take on their Mom’s singing career or teach themselves computational algorithm programming like their Dad, one thing’s for sure, they’ll be lovingly singing his praises.