The Businessman Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is a self-made businessman who used $100 for a startup business and turned it into $680 million. Vinod Gupta was born in India in 1946. He noticed a niche in marketing information between businesses. The information list company Gupta built -InfoUSA- quickly set off. The company later was renamed InfoGroup. Vinod Gupta served as the CEO of the company. He later acquired other companies in information technology, which led to InfoGroup turning into a juggernaut. The investment firm Gupta runs -the Everest Group- gives database technology businesses venture capital. It also takes over struggling database technology businesses.

One of Vinod Gupta’s goals in life is to give employment opportunities to members of the population who especially need employment. The former US president Bill Clinton praised Gupta for his inclusive hiring practices. Gupta’s other philanthropy work is aimed at charity organizations and the funds for some schools in India.

How did Everest Group Come to be?
After Gupta graduated from the University of Nebraska, he was first employed at Commodore Corp. This company manufactured mobile homes. His job for the company was as a marketing research analyst. He made lists of the mobile home dealers in the US. He realized that a list did not already exist. He set about starting a company that make database lists such as the one needed at his first job to assist businesses with knowing where their products could be marketed or sold to.

What is a Typical Day for Vinod Gupta?
Vinod Gupta spends most of his days plotting out the longevity of his company. In the past he used to plan out the day to day goals of his business. He has found that at this point in the company’s life it is important to work on long term goals to keep the business a success. He stays productive and is always looking to expand how
databases can assist people.

How does Your Business Make Ideas a Reality?
Gupta views it as important for startups to always test their ideas, products, and tech before investing completely into it. Market testing and field testing should be conducted upon the idea before making it a reality. If it isn’t effective or there isn’t a market for it, then it simply will die off.

What Trends Does Gupta Look Forward to?
With AI growing, this will expand the market for database technology. AI would revolutionize database technology into something more automated. The need for database technology for AI will require companies like InfoGroup to expand dramatically.

What is the Best Money Purchase He Recently Spent?
Vinod Gupta buys a wall Street Journal and a local newspaper every day for $3-4. He says this is the best money purchases he makes because he spends an hour each day examining the latest trends in the world. This helps him to always develop his understanding of business. He also says he loves this purchase because it is a relaxing part of his day to read a paper and the Wall Street Journal. He recommends that people read Managing by Harry Geneen, because he put together ITT. He cites a quote from the book as one of his personal favorites. “Take focus on the business, and if you are a businessman, don’t try to be a social activist”.