The Keys to Entrepreneurial Success According to Double Rock President Bruce Bent II

Running a financial investment firm as successful as Double Rock Corporation can be as difficult as you can imagine. Double Rock Corporation is a financial juggernaut that has long been revered as a financial innovator and it has been led by a true pioneer — Bruce Bent II. Bent II serves as the Vice Chair and President of Double Rock and his work has been taking on renewed interest over the years. Bent II has an interesting story and his success with Double Rock only serves to multiply that success story.

Bent II has been a member of the Young President’s Organization for years now and it seems that he has taken more than just the title from that experience. Bent II is more than willing and open to answer questions about what makes him tick, what makes his work succeed, and why Double Rock Corporation is going to continue to innovate. Thankfully, Bent II is also open to sharing the tips that he would have appreciated when he first entered the entrepreneur world.

If you want to succeed in business then you have to be able to work together as a team and that is what drives Mr. Bent II to success more than anything else. Bent II rightfully points out that an idea can come from a single individual but it is not going to reach fruition unless there is a team of professionals also backing that idea, helping to use their input to make it a reality. Bent II says, “I would advise my younger self to meet more people faster. You don’t always need a specific reason to talk to people, networking is just a good way to find potential partners.” He goes on to explain that a new potential partner might bring you a great business idea.

Double Rock has found notable long term success thanks to their absolute mission to keep their customers happy. Bent II says that creating customer value is so important, “Even if you may not have direct contact with them, it’s the reason why you exist.” So, Mr. Bent II’s advice can come down to this: create value, support your customers, and build a great team.