The Mission Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was formed to fight against a problem occurring in the midst of American politics. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United vs. F.E.C. Ruling in favor of Citizens United, changed the landscape of how political campaigns would be carried throughout the United States. This ruling suggested that in a way large corporations are considered people. By establishing this idea of corporations and people being synonymous, made it possible for people with special interests and billionaires to pour huge amounts of money into campaigns without these campaigns keep track of how much and from who. This poses a problem because this allows for American elections to be rigged by big money buying their favorable candidate into office. All accountability and all transparency has gone out the window thanks to this ruling.

End Citizens United began in March of 2015. Its main offices are located in Washington, D.C. They were founded by grassroot donors. Those donors are financial supporters of the political action committee today. The coalition of supports that stand behind this organization support them for the sole fact they believe in what End Citizens United is doing. They believe in political parties and campaigns being held responsible for whom and how much money is donated to their campaign. This political action committee exposes all the injustices that are done on a regular basis in the atmosphere of American politics.

They want to expose the effects of big money to voters, other political candidates and the world in general in hopes that more people will rally behind them in this fight.Additionally, End Citizens United work to achieve other things for the American political system. They work with people who want to run for office. They show a lot of support for people wanting to run that emphasize finance reform as an element of their campaign. This organization work to reach the lawmakers and hope to convince them of passing laws that support finance reform. They want the lawmakers to hold candidates responsible for their donations. Ultimately, they want fairness in the political scene.