The Success of Ara Chackerian’s Career

Ara Chackerian has come thus far because of a motto he always uses. According to him, experiences motivate ideas, and people should engage life to get them. Ara chose a path that directly adds value to people and their health. Today, Ara is viewed as an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Currently, he is the managing partner at ASC Holdings and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions.

Ara Chackerian’s passion lies in the healthcare industry. ASC is a company that invests in startup healthcare companies. ASC supports these companies to help them grow and thrive. Through the success of such companies, they contribute to increasing healthcare delivery to the people. Partly, Chackerian’s objective is fulfilled by these companies. TMS Solutions avail transcranial magnetic simulation to depression patients. This treatment is an alternative to patients not responding to therapy and medication treatments. You can visit for more details.


Some of the companies Ara has participated in building are Embion/Provider Links, Pipeline Rx and BMC Diagnostics. For some companies, he agrees to become a board member. Besides investment and entrepreneurship, Ara is keen on the environment. Part of his philanthropy is in environmental conservation. For example, he has financed a reforestation project in Nicaragua. Ara also believes in the young generation and their potential. He supports several youth empowerment projects.



Chackerian is currently looking into digital health and telemedicine. These technologies will play a significant role in enhancing healthcare. For example, depressed patients always change their communication sequence. Algorithms could be utilized to detect this change and hence, it will be easy to assess the patient. This technology will assist in understanding human behavior.

One essential advice Ara Chackerian always has is business people ought to choose the right partners. Sometimes succeeding requires merging with other people. Nevertheless, select these people wisely because they could lead to success or failure. The ideal partners will help an entrepreneur thrive and meet many opportunities. On the other hand, poor choice of partners will lead to losses and hence, failure. Ara Chackerian is often seeking new ventures and new knowledge to become a better businessman. This counsel is also suitable for upcoming entrepreneurs and investors. For more info you can check their twitter account.