Todd Lubar: A Versatile Businessman

The current president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar, started his ride as soon as he finished his education. He received his primary education from Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC from 1997 to 1987 and then went on to receive a B.A in Speech Communication from Syracuse University in 1995.

Soon after graduating, his first venture was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and he served there from 1995 until 1999. Later in 1999, Todd acquired a position in Legacy Financial Group, which helped him broaden the horizons of his experiences with broker loans to deal with outside investors, as well as work with mortgage banking. After joining the company, which was based in Arlington, Texas, his services helped grow the Maryland office to a production unit worth several million dollars a year in loan volume. In 2003, Todd opened up Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. It was due to his involvement in mortgage banking that leads him to work with one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the United States. His smart use of strategy exposed him to an influx of ample amount of experience that could be used to expand his business. He worked hard with Legacy Financial Group and was offered the seat of Senior Vice President in 2005 due to his vast services.

Lubar’s special focus on mortgage banking earned him the ranking of one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the country, owning several other companies in the Demolition Industry. This helped him obtain several large contracts throughout the country, which included the nightclub industry, the recycling industry, and the real estate industry. He first tried his hand at real estate in 1995, which quickly made him realize the importance and usefulness of his public dealing abilities. His aspiration to help others intrigued him to make it this official career.

Due to this wide range of experience, gathered from working with different industries, Lubar is well aware of the strategies that are required to run any business to its full potential. A man who loves his two children as much as spending time and traveling with them, Todd Lubar has proven himself by being a better person when it comes to either business or personal life.