Why The UAE Exchange Trusts NuoDB

The UAE Exchange is the top company in Dubai that deals with foreign currency exchanges, bill payments, and property remittances. It is obvious that their system needs stability to deal with large volumes of requests. This sort of business needed a distributed computing solution that will keep the database alive at all hours. They had turned to NuoDB to upgrade their system since their previous SQL database was sluggish.

NuoDB is based on SQL database commands so it is compatible with databases of older infrastructures. Even something cryptic like Microsoft SQL will be able to migrate easily to the power of NuoDB.

As being the only cloud-based database solution, NuoDB is the top choice for modern cloud application developers. Only NuoDB is designed to work on distributed servers to maintain stability and increase performance. As more computers are added to cluster farms, the faster the database will run.

NuoDB was originally invested in 2008 as Nimbus DB. Since changing their name and receiving a patent approval, the database has skyrocketed in popularity. Their first round of funding leads to over $17 million in contributions. In total, over $59 million in funding had been provided since 2012 by venture capital investment companies.