Winning Coach,Yunn Hufnagel

Basket ball is one of the games that is played by two teams in which they are opposing each other. It is played worldwide and the toughest team depends on the coaching ability of a coach. Yanni Hufnagel is an assistant coach at Nevada Wolf Parks for the men basketball team and one of the best collegiate coaches in the country whom their excellence have been seen in various teams.

Yanni Hufnagel was raised in New York and he has been living his career and ambition in Basketball. He played defense at his basketball team in Scarsdale. In his career, he has been coaching various collegiate teams. The first team that he coached was the Harvard Crimsons men basketball team(2009). Yanni Hufnagel acted as the assistant coach and a recruiter in which later on he was voted as a mid-major to a CBS sports survey. He helped in achieving a 90-30 win.

The second team that he coached was the Venderblit commordores(2013), where he served as an assistant coach. In the same year, he coached team USA at the 19th Maccabiah games in which they won. the forth university that he coached was the University of California,Berkley(The Golden Bears). He managed to lead them to the NCAA tournament. Later on, he resigned from that institution and luckily he was accepted to the University of Nevada as the assistant coach.

In conclusion Yanni Hufnagel has helped most of the teams in achieving their main goals of winning. He is always aspiring to be a champ as he coaches from the heart. Coaches should embrace his coaching abilities and skills in order to make their teams do better and more so to make good basket ballers who may join the NBA team and more so to have good titles.


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